Widespread Protests Resume, Ittihadeya Palace Attacked Again

Protesters again attacked the Ittihadeya presidential palace in Cairo, launching petrol bombs and rocks over the walls of the compound. Though protests have decreased in the last few days, demonstrators continue to mobilize in opposition to President Muhammad Morsi and his government.

Protesters displayed their opposition to the government across the country today—police were attacked in Kafr el-Sheikh, subway stations were blocked near Tahrir Square, and the Brotherhood’s political party offices were attacked in the town of Al-Santa. An attack on the city council building was reported in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra. Protestors around Morsi’s home in Zagazig confronted police, while those in Tanta fought with police today after the burial earlier this week of Muhammad al-Gendi, who died from injuries sustained when he was beaten by security forces.