Cairo bridge bombing in Giza Square

According to reports, two bombs exploded on a bridge in Giza Square in Giza, greater Cairo, late this morning. The explosives appeared to target two police vehicles stationed on the overpass. According to the Health Ministry, six individuals were injured in the bombings; two of the wounded were reportedly members of the Cairo security forces, according to the head of Giza’s central security.

Local media reported that the militant group Walla‘a claimed responsibility on their Facebook page for the bombings, stating that they had begun a planned series of attacks on “the deep state.” The Walla‘a group appears to be opposed to the military and the current government, without any explicit religious or political affiliations.

However, Reuters has also reported that a newly minted militant group, Ajnad Misr, claimed responsibility on their Facebook page for the Cairo bridge bombings. Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, also declared that it planned to carry out further attacks on Egyptian security forces.