Egypt Media Roundup – Apr 10, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

The Egyptian cabinet has decided to implement the new anti-terrorist laws to penalize anyone who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, promotes it, or funds it for engaging in terrorism. [Aswat Masriya, AhramRead More..

Gender & Sexuality

Lawmakers in Egypt have, for the first time, proposed new legislation specifically defines and penalizes perpetrators of sexual harassment in Egypt. The draft law clearly defines a harasser as, “someone who accosts others in a public or private place through following or stalking them, using gestures or words or through modern means of communication or any other means through actions that carry sexual or pornographic hints.” The draft law has been sent to the cabinet for approval. [CNN, IBTimes, Al Bawaba, BellaNaija, Al ArabiyaRead More..

Security Sector

According to sources cited by Al-Akhbar, the terrorist activity between the Libya-Egypt border is being monitored by Egyptian intelligence and security officials, with no end in sight. Specifically, Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis has become a training hub for various “splinter takfiri cells” and have “placed the targeting of the army and police at the top of their priorities, through armed ambushes and bombings.” [Al AkhbarRead More..

Rights & Freedoms

The Al Jazeera case of the detention of Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed, and Peter Greste has been adjourned to April 22. In today’s trial, the prosecutors presented their first round of evidence in the form of videos that were found in the defendants’ possession. The videos included news clips about animals and others about Christian life in Egypt. The judge dismissed the videos as irrelevant. [Mada MasrAPLATimesNYTNPR]  Read More..


Egypt’s core inflation increased slightly from February to March–from 9.7% to 9.9%–according to Egypt’s central bank. Core inflation “strips out subsidised goods volatile items including fruits and vegetables.” [ReutersRead More.. 

Foreign Relations

In a State Department press release, the United States has announced the designation of Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis as a “Foreign Terrorist organization.” The Egyptian government, though they have not yet officially labeled ABM as a terrorist organization, has welcomed the US’s ruling. [, Daily News Egypt, AP, Reuters, Ahram, Asharq al AwsatRead More..


Legal & Political Institutions

Governor forced to resign for violating government neutrality in declaring support for Sisi

Ahram: Governor forced to resign after endorsing El-Sisi’s presidential bid

In this article: An Egyptian governor was forced to resign from his position after publicly declaring support for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s presidential campaign. Mahmoud Khalifa, who is the governor of Wadi El-Gadid, violated governmental instructions to remain neutral in the upcoming elections. After resigning, Khalifa noted, “the government should insist on its commitment to complete neutrality and on proving this neutrality to the whole world, in order to have fair and free elections.”

Will Sisi’s presidency be history repeating itself? asks RT

RT: Has Egypt learned the lesson of electing military leaders?

In this article: RT suggests that, after three years of unrest and changing laws and new constitutions and changing leadership, Egypt is unlikely to progress on ‘the road to democracy’ and proof of this is in the fact that only three candidates have announced their presidential bids, and “paradoxically enough, no one seems to be willing to run for office, while still moaning and demanding democracy and respect for human rights.” The most popular candidate thus far is a former military leader, and, if he wins, will just “mean history is repeating itself…electing a military man as head of state will create another military junta regime with hardly any benefits for the people.”

Mubarak ‘incitement of murder’ trial adjourned to April 26

World Bulletin: Egypt court adjourns Mubarak murder trial to April 26

In this article: Former president Hosni Mubarak’s murder trial has been adjourned until April 26. Mubarak, along with 26 co-defendants is being charged with inciting murder the murder of hundreds of protesters during the uprisings of 2011. Mubarak faces additional chargs of financial corruption, abuse of power, and more.

Security Sector

Conflicting reports about car-bomb explosion in 6 October City

Ahram: Unknown assailant planted bomb under officer’s car in 6 October

In this article: A home-made bomb was allegedly planted under a Giza traffic officer’s car in the 6 October city, according to the interior ministry. The officer was injured, and transferred to a nearby city. Ahram Arabic reported a vehicle explosion in the 6 October City as well. Reports at this time are vague.

38 Muslim Brotherhood supporters arrested at Cairo, Ain Shams, Al Azhar universities during clashes with police

Egypt Independent: 38 Brotherhood backers arrested in Wednesday university clashes

Daily News Egypt: There will be no protests on university campuses: Ministry of Interior

Middle East Monitor: Egypt university students continue massive anti-coup protests

In this article: As clashes continue on Egyptian university campuses, Cairo security officials have arrested 38 Muslim Brotherhood supporters from Cairo, Ain Shams, and al Azhar Universities. The interior ministry has asserted that “there will be no protests on university campuses, universities will only be for education.” He added that protests within university grounds will be dispersed once security forces are allowed to enter the campuses.

Rights & Freedoms

Military court sentences reporter over video leak of Sisi–first trial under new constitution which allows prosecution of civilians in military tribunal

Gulf News: Egypt military court sentences reporter over military leaks

Ahram: Egypt military court jails two over leaked El-Sisi video

In this article: Islam al Humasy, an Egyptian journalist, was sentenced to one year in prison for divulging military secrets and defaming the army. Humasy, who reported for pro-Muslim Brotherhood website, Rasd, allegedly leaked a video of Abdel Fataah el-Sisi online. Humasy was tried in a military court alongside an army soldier, Mohamed Abdul Moneim, in the same case. This trial was the first under the new constitution that allows prosecution of civilians before a military court.


Egypt to begin major subsidy and taxation reform ahead of elections

Reuters: Egypt to announce steps on subsidy reform before next month’s election: minister

In this article: Egypt is set to announce a major subsidy reform plan ahead of presidential elections. The reforms will restructure subsidy and taxation systems and seek to improve Egypt’s credit rating. “I am heading to Washington in the next few days to meet with officials at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank … But it is not on our agenda to seek loans from those institutions, we want some technical support for the reforms that we are planning,” Finance Minister Ashraf Al-Arabai said. The steps on subsidy reforms would be progressive and would take care of the poorest in society, he said, without giving details.

Egypt to purchase 4 million tons of wheat from local farmers

Reuters: Egypt sets aside $1.4 bln to buy domestic wheat -minister

In this article: Egypt has set aside about $1.4 billion to buy wheat from local farmers in Egypt. The Supplies minister has alleged that the amount would cover all that the Egyptian farmers deliver–the government seeking to purchase 4million tons of local crop. The government typically buys 3.6 million tonnes of wheat a year from local farmers. The state and private buyers purchase around 10 million tonnes from abroad.

Foreign Relations

National Alliance to Support Legitimacy met with African Union delegation to discuss recent Muslim Brotherhood activities and allegations in Egypt

Ahram: Pro-Morsi coalition meets African Union delegation

In this article: Muslim Brotherhood-led coalition, National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, met with an African Union delegation to discuss the recent allegations against the Brotherhood, claiming violence in protest of Egyptian authorities. The meeting also led to a discussion of Egypt’s suspended membership in the AU.