Egypt Media Roundup – Apr 4, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

In response to the recent string of bombings and attacks on security forces, Egypt has tightened punishment for “terrorist” offenses and expanded the scope of crimes that fall under the category. [Daily Star Lebanon, Ahram, Daily SabahRead More..

Gender & Sexuality

Eradicating female genital mutilation [FGM] in Egypt has been a long journey, with one positive development when the father and doctor of a young girl who died from an FGM were referred to court. Anti-FGM advocates, however, think more can be done, and are concerned the issued is being overshadowed by politics. [Devex, Ahram

Security Sector

Clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters erupted in Cairo’s Alf Maskan and Giza today. It was reported that security forces used teargas to disperse the protests [Ahram, Aswat MasriyaRead More..

Rights & Freedoms

Egyptian photojournalists belonging to the Journalists Syndicate are planning a strike to call for security forces to provide better protection for journalists covering protests–this strike comes shortly after a journalist was killed by security forces during clashes with Muslim Brotherhood supporters. [Ahram


Egypt’s cabinet’s approval of the use of coal to temporarily relieve Egypt’s energy crisis was met by backlash from environmentalists claiming the long-term negative effects of coal far outweigh the short-term advantages. [Mada Masr

Foreign Relations

The UK, in its investigation of Muslim Brotherhood activities, has pledged to consult with MB leaders during its review. The internal government review, which is expected to be wider than previously thought, is looking into MB’s philosophy and activities, and the impact on UK national interests. [AhramRead More..


Legal & Political Institutions

Lebanese man arrested for delivering petition against mass death sentence

Reuters: Egypt deports man lobbying against mass death sentences

Ahram: Egypt deports man lobbying against mass death sentences

In this article: A Lebanese man, part of international group Avaaz, was deported from Egypt after visiting the country to deliver a petition against the mass death sentence issued last week against 529 Morsi supporters. Wissam Tarif, upon arriving in Cairo said, “I landed at Cairo airport and I wasn’t allowed in. My name popped up on the computer and they took me to the deportation room where I was interrogated by political security about the meeting, about the petition, about the mufti

Security Sector

Ajnad Masr, Islamist militant group, claims responsibility for Cairo University bombings

Ahram: Islamist group claims responsibility for Cairo Univ blasts

In this article: Ajnad Masr has claimed responsibility for the Cairo University bombings on Wednesday. The Islamist militant group said they targeted police “criminals guilt of massacres”–referring to last summer’s crackdown on Morsi supporters that left over 700 dead. One police officer was killed, and five injured.

Marginalized Groups

Paul Marshall discusses Egypt’s religious minorities and the threat of the decline of Christians in Egypt

Fox: An Egyptian Jew’s message to threatened Middle East Christians

In this article: An Egyptian Jew chronicles the the plight of the declining Jewish population in Egypt, and warns of the same fate for Christians in the region. He says, “Egypt’s Christians, some 10% of the population, are by far the largest non-Muslim minority in the Middle East, and they are now also under threat.”

Foreign Relations

Human Rights Watch asks US government to delay military aid to Egypt until military crackdown on civilians subsides

Reuters: Rights group calls on U.S. to delay military aid to Egypt

In this article: Human Rights Watch has warned against the US resuming military aid to Egypt until Egypt’s government ends its crackdown on individual freedoms and rights abuses. HRW, last week, sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, in response to comments that he would make a decision about aid resumption shortly.

Kuwait grants an additional $1billion to Egypt

PressTV: Egypt to get $1bn grant from Kuwait

In this article: The Kingdom of Kuwait will be issuing a $1billion grant to Egypt in the coming days. The grant is reportedly for development purposes and comes just after Egypt signed a $106million loan from the Kuwaiti Fund for Economic Development to fund a new power station in Upper Egypt.