Mortada Mansour Has Announced His Candidacy for President

Lawyer and head of Zamalek Sports Club Mortada Mansour has announced that he is running for president.

His platform is based on improving quality of life and restoring Egypt to the world stage, claiming that foreign countries such as the United States, Germany and other European countries had tried to control Egypt. Mansour said that Egypt would have relations with all countries, even Russia, China, and Iran, “as long as the country respects Egypt’s sovereignty.”

Mansour’s platform also focuses on improving security and putting an end to recent violence through improving impoverished areas and better implementation of the law, saying that every citizen should have access to education, health and shelter. Mansour claimed that “Egypt has an arsenal of laws, but unfortunately, they aren’t applied because the rulers are weak.”

He also asserted that, as president, he would “ban all demonstrations and strikes for one year” until Egypt “regains its strength.” If elected, Mansour plans to stand up to Qatar and amend the Camp David accords with Israel, giving Egypt more sovereignty over its own territory. Mansour does not support Baha’is or atheists and would enact censorship on films and other forms of art to prevent crimes in society.

Zamalek fans took to social media to ridicule Mansour’s candidacy. Fans have long insisted on his departure from the club, citing corruption and mismanagement.