Egypt Media Roundup – Apr 16, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

Egypt’s corruption levels have shown no improvement since 2012 on the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International. Egypt ranks 114th out of 177. [Daily News EgyptRead More..


Security Sector

An explosion in North Sinai injured a police offer today, a bomb was detonated at an armoured vehicle on a road south of Al-Arish. Security forces are searching the area for suspects. [Ahram, Daily News Egypt
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Gender & Sexuality

A group of international rights organizations led a report detailing the more than 250 cases of sexual violence that were reporterd between November 2012 and January 2014. The report, “Egypt: Keeping Women Out–Sexual Violence in the public sphere” points out that “not a single perpetrator has been brought to justice for these crimes. This climate of impunity contributes to their repetition and to social tolerance of violence against women.” [Daily Star lebanon, Ahram, FIDH, NOW


Egypt’s tourism revenue has dropped by 43% over the past year, particularly after a fatal bus bombing in a highly frequented touristic area of Egypt. [Daily MailRead More.. 


Foreign Relations

In a meeting with IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, Egypt initiated a new round of talks with the IMF to work on rebuilding the Egyptian economy by creating infrastructure that can manage the country’s economy. [Egypt SIS, Al Bawaba
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Marginalized Groups

Noticeably absent during fatal clashes between the Arab Beni Hilal tribe and Nubian Dabudiya clan, was a police presence that could have prevented the dozens of deaths and increased tensions between the families. [Christian Science MonitorRead More..


Rights & Freedoms

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information and Committee to Protect Journalists have released statements condemning violence against journalists after two journalists were injured while reporting on clashes. [Daily News EgyptRead More..

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Legal & Political Institutions

 The evolution of the Tamarod Movement: What started out as an extension of the revolution, paved the way for Sisi presidency 

Buzzfeed: How Egypt’s Rebel Movement Helped Pave The Way For A Sisi Presidency

In this article: Egypt’s infamous Tamarod campaign, which paved the way for the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi, started out as a groups who “believed in the revolution and wanted it to continue.” Now, allegations are surfacing that the group was helped along by military officials, and this help is what bolstered their success. The group is now housing different ideologies about the military, one former member says, “how did we go from such a small thing, five guys trying to change Egypt, to the movement which brought tens of millions to the street to get rid of the Brotherhood? The answer is we didn’t. I understand now it wasn’t us, we were being used as the face of what something bigger than us wanted.” As the Tamarod campaign neared its goal of ousting Morsi, it became clear that the group was under the heavy hand of the military and state institutions.

 Wasat party leader Abul-Ela Madi released on bail after being charged with inciting violence in Nahda clashes 

Ahram: Court orders release of Wasat Party leader

In this article: Wasat party leader Abul-Ela Madi has been released on bail after being arrested and held in Tora prison for inciting violence during Nahda clashes and in Bein El-Sarayat clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents. The Wasat party founding member is known to be a supporter of Morsi, and Wasat was founded by Muslim Brotherhood defectors in the 1990s.

 119 Morsi supporters received 3 year sentences in connection with October 6 protests 

VAgazette: Egyptian court jails 119 Mursi supporters

Huffington Post: Egyptian Court Jails More Than 100 Morsi Supporters

Global Post: An Egyptian court sentences 119 supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi to prison

In this article: More than 119 Morsi supporters have been jailed in connection with protests that occurred on October 6,2013. The October 6th protests saw over 50 people killed and hundreds arrested in the brutal months-long crackdown that has taken place since Morsi’s removal from office in July 2013.

 Constitution Party announces official support for Sabahi presidency 

Ahram: Constitution Party backs Sabahi for president

In this article: Egypt’s Constitution Party has announced its support for presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi in the upcoming presidential elections. Sabahi has publicly stated that his presidential campaign will show Egyptians that becoming president is an opportunity for him to “bring the people’s revolt from the streets to the ruling chairs.” The Constitution party has recently undergone major changes with Hala Shukrallah elected as the first Coptic Christian woman to lead an Egyptian political party.

Marginalized Groups

 Egypt authorities place tight restrictions on mosques seeking to ‘prevent extremism’ 

AP: Egypt Clamps Hold Over Mosques to Control Message

In this article: Egyptian authorities have recently tightened their control over mosques to control the messaging of sermons. The religious endowments ministry has gone as far as purging preachers, almost 12,000 freelance preachers have been barred from delivering sermons, and the ministry has also set strict guidelines for sermons–which puts Egypts +100,000 mosques under strict surveillance. Officials say that the restrictions are to prevent mosques from spreading extremism and becoming a platform for fundamentalist political groups.

Rights & Freedoms

Occupied Times: [VIDEO] Egypt: International Street Artists in Solidarity

In this article: The group, International Street Artists in Solidarity, has been using graffiti to protest Field Marshal Sisi’s presidency. They call on the international community to address the current situation in Egypt and seek further action and intervention to remember the goals of the revolution.


 CFR: Egypt is facing serious economic decline, the US should intervene 

Middle East Monitor: US should save Egypt from a looming solvency crisis, think tank

In this article: A Council on Foreign Relations report addresses Egypt’s looming economic deadlock and suggests that the US should intervene to “rescue Egypt from impending insolvency.” CFR notes that the Gulf is not the only resource for aid for Egypt, and “the continuation of violence, political protests, and general political uncertainty…along with a hodge-podge of incoherent economic policies, all portend continuing economic decline.”