Egypt Media Roundup – Apr 17, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, Baseera, has conducted a poll to measure support for candidates in the presidential elections. The polling made various conclusions about the 59% of Egyptians that are undecided about who to vote for, including that they do not know enough about candidates and are frustrated with the delay in the election process. Overall, 39% of the respondents support Sisi, 2% named other candidates, and 59% were undecided. [Cairo ReviewRead More..


Security Sector

Analysts have noticed a geographical shift in the violence from armed militant groups from the remote areas of Sinai to more urban areas of Cairo. Analysts are split in believing that the shift was voluntarily, with many saying that the shift was a premeditated step taken by armed groups to “extend the war against the post-Muslim Brotherhood regime.” [Al MonitorRead More..

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Gender & Sexuality

A series of raids, nine documented since October 2013, resulting in arrests and sentencing of gay men have raised concerns that the gay community in Egypt is starting to see a targeted crackdown. Most recently, four men were arrested from their apartment in Cairo and handed eight year sentences for ‘debauchery’ and ‘insulting public morals’ as there is no specific legislation against homosexuality in Egypt. [The Guardian]



The Ministry of Electricity has announced a 10-day power shortage due to maintenance of a new gas field in the Western desert. The ministry is asking that citizens ration their energy consumption during daily peak hours, and that national production of natural gas may decrease by 5 percent during the repair work. [Mada MasrRead More.. 

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Rights & Freedoms

Outside of the Journalist’s Syndicate, dozens held a vigil demanding protection against “being targeted during their coverage of news.” The protesters condemned violence against journalists and the “deliberate attacks journalists are subjected to and the fierce campaign aiming to prevent them from…reporting the truth to the people.”  [Aswat Masriya, AhramRead More..


Marginalized Groups

Fifty-two Sudanese nationals were arrested from Egypt’s border-city of Salloum and Marsa Matrouh and deported back to Sudan from the Cairo airport for attempting to enter the country illegally. [Ahram

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Legal & Political Institutions

 Abul Ela Madi bail released appealed, Madi to remain in prison for 45 more days 

Ahram: Wasat Party leader Madi to remain in detention

In this article: After being released on bail, Wasat party leader Abul Ela Madi was ordered to remain in detention when a Giza criminal court accepted the prosecution’s appeal against the bail release. According to the court, Madi will remain in detention for another 45 days. Madi is facing charges of inciting violence between opponents and supporters of ousted president Morsi during the Nahda clashes.

 Mubarak-era interior minister Habib El-Adly verdict to be announced June 12 

Ahram: Egypt court to announce Habib El-Adly verdict on 12 June

In this article: Interior minister under Hosni Mubarak, Habib El-Adly, who was convicted of money laundering and profiteering as well as squandering public funds, will hear his verdict on June 12. El Adly is also undergoing retrial for killing protesters during the 2011 uprisings.

 Sabahi urges revolutionary groups to unite, Dostour officially supports Sabahi 

Global Post: Egypt presidential hopeful urges political unity

LATimes: Liberal party endorses military man’s rival for Egypt presidency

In this article: Hamdeen Sabahi has urged all revolutionary groups in Egypt to united as Al-Dostour, Egypt’s prominent liberal party, announced its official support for Sabahi. Sabahi announced at a news conference, “I tell them, now is the time to unify our efforts and define our objectives and prove our ability to win.” Sabahi also spoke on the military, reiterating his views that the military must be removed from politics and that their role is to “protect the nation…confront external and internal risks without interfering in politics.” As of now, Sabahi needs several hundred signatures to reach the 25,000 needed to endorse his candidacy.

Security Sector

 2 killed, 37 arrested in Islamist insurgent raid 

Ahram: Egyptian army kills suspected militants in North Sinai

In this article: Two militants were killed and 37 arrested in a raid of suspected Islamist hideouts by Egyptian soldiers. The raids were part of a broader military campaign against Islamist insurgency in the region.

Rights & Freedoms

 Censorship in Egypt: PM Mehleb issues order to Censorship Authority to ban film 

Ahram: Egypt’s government pulls film starring Arab ‘sex symbol’, awaits review by censors

Mada Masr: Prime minister orders suspension of provocative film

Aswat Masriya: Egypt PM pulls movie from screening for sexual content

Daily Star Lebanon: Egypt blocks bombshell’s film over ‘criticisms’

Al Arabiya: Egypt pulls sexually explicit Haifa Wehbe film

In this article: Egypt’s Prime Minister Mehleb has ordered the Censorship Authority to reevaluate the movie “Halawet Roh” for its provocative content, with the intention to ban the film. Though many media personalities spoke out saying that the prime minister should not interfere in issues of censorship, other public figures spoke out against the film, Mortada Mansour agreed with Mehleb saying the decision came too late, and Bassam al-Zarqa, of the Nour Party, noted that “obscenity isn’t art.”

 Morsi supporters stage fresh demonstrations to mark anniversary of dissolution of NDP 

Turkish Press: Pro-Morsi bloc to mark 3 years since end of Mubarak’s NDP

Turkish Press: Egypt student rallies mark 3 years since NDP dissolution

In this article: Student supporters of Morsi have staged a series of protests to mark the third anniversary of the dissolution of the National Democratic Party. The National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy has called on supporters to stage fresh demonstrations to mark the three years since the NDP was dissolved by court order after the ouster of Mubarak.


 Egypt’s PM: Solar energy is Egypt’s future energy source 

Egypt SIS: PM: Solar energy is Egypt’s future

In this article: PM Mehleb has said that solar energy will be Egypt’s future dominant energy source, adding that “the applications of solar energy should increase.” The PM discussed using new power sources to reduce higher consumption of electricity in the summer with the electricity minister.

 Highly criticized “unified” telecom license to be implemented by the end of the year 

North Africa Post: Egypt : Controversial license nears implementation

In this article: Before the end of the year, telecommunication operators in Egypt will begin to dedicate 6% of fixed-line operator Telecom Egypt’s (TE) revenues from mobile services to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA). At the beginning of the month, the government announced the implementation of a “unified” license which has been dubbed controversial. The license will permit TE to offer mobile services using the infrastructures of other companies while paying a fee of LE2,5 billion. However, mobile companies willing to use TE’s infrastructures to deliver land line services will be obliged to pay LE100 million. Critics consider the government’s decision to be a move dictated by the massive orientation of the people towards mobile phone services.