Egypt Media Roundup – Jul 1, 2014


Legal & Political Institutions

On the first anniversary of the popular protests that led to the deposition of former President Muhammad Morsi, current President Sisi gave a televised speech to reassure Egyptians of his commitment to following the roadmap to parliamentary elections. Sisi also praised the military,  and pledged that Egypt is protected from extremism. [Mada Masr, Egypt SIS, AhramRead More…

Marginalized Groups

Cairo’s governor announced a government project to relocate Cairo street vendors that operate in downtown Cairo to a designated area on Galaa’ street. The governor says that the project will be completed within four months. This project comes after some controversy surrounding police mistreatment of vendors in downtown Cairo. [Daily News Egypt]

Gender & Sexuality 

Very recently in Egypt, a number of human rights organizations have highlighted the regular abuse that women prisoners face in Egypt’s prison–including torture, and physical and sexual abuse. Last week, 10 rights organizations demanded that protection be provided to women and a thorough investigation of prison conditions. Dozens of female prisoners have gone on hunger strike in protest of the abuse, and the prisoners have taken to smuggling messages out of prison during visits with their families detailing the abuse. [Al Monitor] Read More…


Egypt’s finance minister has announced that within the new budget for the upcoming fiscal year, there will be over 44billion EGP cuts in fuel subsidies–a move that has generated some panic in a country accustomed to heavily subsidized fuel. [Ahram] Read More…

Security Sector

The Interior Ministry has denied allegations that the ministry was negligent in preparing for the bombs that took place on the anniversary of June 30 that resulted in the deaths of two police officers and 13 injuries. A militant group, Ajnad Misr released a statement on June 27 detailing their intentions to bomb security forces surrounding the Ittihadiya Presidential Palace–but the MOI provided no advance protection for the bombings and are now being blamed for the deaths. [Mada Masr, Egyptian Streets]


Legal & Political Institutions

 Tamarod Movement announces formation of “Arabic Popular Movement” political party 

Cairo Post: Tamarod to announce its new political party’s program

Ahram:Tamarod: Political force or revolutionary dream?

Mada Masr: Rebellion on the rocks

Ahram: Most 30 June leaders not celebrating first anniversary

In this article: One year after the Tamarod movement led a popular uprising to call for the deposition of former President Morsi, the movement has announced that it will form a political party to be called “the Arabic Popular Movement.” The Party will released a political platform in the coming days “based on the principles of June’s revolution and addressing its project to create a great Egyptian state and a modern vision that accommodates developments on local and international levels.”

 Nour Party calls on Brotherhood to cease protesting, violence 

Ahram:Brotherhood must face reality: Nour Party leader

Egypt Independent:Nour Party: Brotherhood protests will bring more killing

In this article: The Salafist Nour party has condemned the Muslim Brotherhood’s calls for protests on July 3 on the one year anniversary of former President Morsi’s ouster. The Nour Party has said that the continuation of Brotherhood protests will only bring “more losses, violence, and killing.” The statement also went on to say that the Brotherhood should face reality and accept the status quo, and asked the group to “cease pushing the youth into more losses and putting the country into a state of tension.”

 Pro-Morsi group calls for mass protests on July 3 

Ahram: Pro-Morsi alliance calls for ‘day of rage’ on 3 July

In this article: The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy has called for a “Day of Rage”–mass protests on July 3 in protest of the removal of former President Morsi from power one year ago. The statement reads, “the raging people are the decision makers and we are behind them, ready for all scenarios.”

Gender & Sexuality

 Train station worker sentenced to 6months for verbal harassment in Minya 

Aswat Masriya:Six months sentence for sexual harasser in Minya

In this article: An Egyptian court sentenced a man to six months in prison with a 5000 EGP fine for verbal sexual harassment. A young girl reported that a worked at a train station offered her money to go with him. The defendant confessed to harassing the girl, but also said that he didn’t intend on harming her.


 “long Live Egypt” fund created for Egyptians to donate to help economy 

Aswat Masriya:Egypt urges people to donate to help ailing economy

In this article: President Sisi has started a new fund called “Long live Egypt” which “calls upon the masses of Egyptian people at home and abroad to assume their responsibility towards the nation,” and donate money to help Egypt through its economic crisis. Sisi has pledged to donate half of his salary and property for the fund, and has called on all Egyptians to donate as well.

 New Budget taking effect–no specific details have been released by government 

Egypt SIS: New budget to benefit poor, lower-income brackets

Mada Masr: 2014/15 budget goes into effect Tuesday, but still no details on its provisions

In this article: Egypt’s new budget for the fiscal year 2014/15 is set to take effect as the new fiscal year begins, however, the newly approved budget has not been detailed in full to Egyptians. The new budget allegedly aims for a deficit of 10% of GDP via increased revenue and decreased spending–but the government has not released specific details on how or when these changes will be carried out.