Egypt Media Roundup – Jul 16, 2014


Gender & Sexuality

An Egyptian court sentenced seven men to life in prison on charges related to mob sexual assaults that took place in Tahrir Square on multiple instances since 2013. Last month, 13 suspects were referred to trial on charges of attempted rape, kidnapping, assault, torture, and attempted murder relating to 4 separate sexual assault incidents that took place in 2013 and 2014. The sentencing, which was nationally televised, the judge sentenced seven men to life in prison–3 of which received multiple life sentences for their involvement in different assaults–while two men received 20-year sentences each. The men will also be subject to 5-years of police surveillance after they complete their sentences and were ordered to pay fines. [Egyptian Streets, Ahram, Aswat Masriya, BBC, El Watan, Mashable, AP, Shorouk

Rights & Freedoms

Today marks the 200th day of imprisonment for the three Al Jazeera journalists recently sentenced to 7-10 years in prison in a trial that has been internationally condemned for repressing press freedom in Egypt. In the lead up to the 200th day, Egypt’s State Information Service released a memorandum defending the verdict–a statement that many believe overlooks or blatantly ignores facts in order to pursue a politically motivated case against Qatar. [Daily News Egypt, The Guardian, Egypt SISRead More…

Security Sector

The Egyptian military has claimed to have killed seven “takfiri terrorists” in Sheikh Zuwayed, a North Sinai town. The statement, released via the military’s facebook page, claims that the military apprehended the militants “in continuation with the Armed Forces’ efforts to eliminate the roots of terrorists. The Armed Forces confirms its continued joint security operations to eliminate terrorists whatever sacrifices it costs.” [Mada Masr, Al Arabiya, Ahram]


After the recent raising of fuel prices by government decree, increasing the price by 75% in order to decrease budget deficit, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics has attributed the rise in fuel prices to a rise in tax fares by 3 to 10 percent. [Mada Masr

Foreign Relations

Egypt’s Foreign Minister has claimed that there were no “secret terms” to the ceasefire agreement that was proposed to end violence in Gaza. FM Shoukry said, “it is a one document initiative with no ambiguity” also noting that the ceasefire is “gaining support” despite Hamas rejecting the ceasefire, and Israel breaking the agreement, firing at Gaza shortly after accepting the deal. [Ahram


Legal & Political Institutions

 Trial to begin for 494 Muslim Brotherhood supporters involved in Al-Fath mosque violence 

Mada Masr:494 MB supporters on trial in Al-Fath mosque incident

In this article: The Cairo Criminal Court will begin the trial of 494 Muslim Brotherhood supporters who are charged with desecration of the Al-Fath mosque, causing delays to prayers, murder, using the mosque for terrorist activities, crowding, thuggish acts, destroying public and private property, arson, assaulting security forces, weapons possession, causing traffic blocks and delays in relation with the clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces at the Al-Fath mosque on August 17, 2013 which killed 44 people, and injured 59, including 22 security forces.

 Baseera Public Opinion Poll: 61% of Egyptians approve of PM Mehleb’s performance 

Egypt Independent:Baseera: 61% of Egyptians approve of Mehleb’s performance

In this article: A recent poll by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research gauging the approval of Egyptians for the Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb’s performance. 12% of those surveyed found his performance acceptable, 4% disapproved, 22% were undecided, and 1% declined to answer, while 61% approve of Mehleb’s performance. The survey also showed that 43% preferred that ministers should change after President Sisi’s inauguration, while 16% agreed to keep ministers, 12% wanted a complete reshuffle of the cabinet, and 29% were undecided.

 Former MP under Morsi given 7 years in prison for incitement of violence 

Ahram:Former Brotherhood MP Farid Ismail given seven years in jail

In this article: A Zagazig criminal court handed seven year sentences to former Muslim Brotherhood MP Farid Ismail alongside 10 other Muslim Brotherhood supporters for inciting violence following the ouster of former-president Morsi in July 2013. Ismail is a former MP in the lower house of parliament under Morsi, and was appointed as a member of the Shura Council.

Rights & Freedoms

 Cairo University professors protest in solidarity with suspended students 

Shorouk: University Professors Protest over suspension of students

In this article: A group of professors at Cairo University staged a protest in solidarity with students who they claim were arbitrarily suspended. The professors condemned the suspensions and the police state interference in university affairs.

 Interior Ministry to investigate torture of detainee in police custody 

LA Times:Egypt to investigate claim that police detainee was tortured

In this article: After the circulation of a video showing police torture of a detainee who was clearly in distress, with bystanders calling for medical attention after the inmate was severely beaten while in custody, Egypt’s interior ministry will investigate the incident. Several accusations of torture in police custody have arisen in the past months, with Egyptian rights groups calling for comprehensive investigation in Egyptian prisons. An Interior Ministry spokesman, Abdel Fattah Osman, told the ONTV satellite channel in May that claims of physical assault and rape in Egyptian detention facilities are “fabricated” and “have nothing to do with reality or logic.”