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Monthly Briefing 11: August 2015

In the interest of providing the most accurate and timely information on which to assess security developments in Egypt, the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) presents the ninth edition of its monthly Egypt Security Watch Briefs. These reports will serve to update TIMEP’s first full comprehensive report: Egypt’s Security: Threat and Response. Please download below the full eleventh monthly briefing for August 2015.

The report and briefs are part of our larger, ongoing Egypt Security Watch project, which provides the most comprehensive available resource to monitor Egypt’s security situation, including an interactive map plotting all instances of violence or state operations, state actor, and terror group profiles, and expert analyses.

Notable developments from the briefing include:

  • August 2015 marked a sharp decline in reported terror attacks, with 73 reported attacks (versus 141 in July).
  • For the second month in a row, the Islamic State (IS) in Egypt claimed an attack in Cairo, this time attacking the Shobra al-Kheima office of Egypt Homeland Security in retaliation for the May execution of members of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis; the blast injured 29.
  • On August 12, members of the Islamic State province Wilayat Sinai beheaded a Croatian man amid celebrations to inaugurate the new Suez Canal expansion project.
  • Aggregated media reports indicate a continued decrease in the number of reported counter-terror operations in August, from 191 in July to 177 in August.
  • Egypt began digging on its border with Gaza to create fish farms that would serve as an additional buffer in continued attempts to eradicate smuggling tunnels and eliminate cross-border flows of weapons, fighters, and illicit goods.

Since the last Egypt Security Watch brief, TIMEP has undergone a comprehensive review of all its data to ensure it reflects most accurately reports of terror attacks and counter-terror operations since 2010.

TIMEP also revitalized it’s Egypt Security Watch live map and will continue with weekly updates to provide locations of reported terror attacks and state counter-terror operations.

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