TIMEP Announces Selection of Second TIMEP-Atlas Corps Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow

Ragab Saad, the second TIMEP-Atlas Corps Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow, is undertaking original research on political parties in Egypt.

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is proud to announce the selection of the second recipient of the Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellowship, Mr. Ragab Saad. As the resident TIMEP-Atlas Corps Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow, Mr. Saad will be undertaking original research on political parties in Egypt and supporting TIMEP’s ongoing projects and research when he commences his fellowship in February 2016.

As we approach the second anniversary of Bassem Sabry’s untimely passing, we at TIMEP are extremely proud to be honoring his legacy by continuing to grow the Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellowship. Bassem Sabry was an insightful and inclusive voice at a time of deep polarization,” said Nancy Okail, TIMEP’s Executive Director.  “We hope that this fellowship would provide an experience similar to his, granting fellows exposure to different perspectives in politics and a comprehensive worldview.” Okail added, “During the past call for applications, we were thrilled to receive more than double the number of applications from our inaugural call, from a growing number of countries in the region, and we hope to continue to attract more.”

The Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellowship is awarded to a young professional with a background in journalism, international relations, political science, or other relevant fields, who is interested in undertaking research on the Middle East or North Africa. Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to furthering the principles of democratic and inclusive change—the values that Sabry promoted during his career.

TIMEP is currently accepting applications for a September 2016 placement in the fellowship. Please check our fellowship website for additional information. For general inquiries regarding the Bassem Sabry Fellowship, please contact [email protected]. To inquire about how to donate to the fellowship fund, please contact Sara Abdel Rahim at [email protected].

Bassem Sabry, a native of Cairo, was a writer and commentator on Egyptian and regional politics. Sabry’s balanced writing and commentary throughout the 2011 Egyptian revolution and following the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak earned wide praise and attracted a global audience. In addition to publishing articles on his blog, “An Arab Citizen,” Sabry’s work was also featured in local, regional, and international news outlets, including Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Monitor, The Atlantic, and Foreign Policy.


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