Omnibus Spending Bill Reflects Changes to U.S. Assistance to Egypt

On May 5, President Donald Trump signed the fiscal year 2017 Omnibus Appropriations bill into law, legislating funding levels for U.S. government programs, including the State and Foreign Operations (SFOPS) budget. After deliberations in the House of Representatives and Senate since the first versions of the bills were released in June of last year, this legislation was publicly released on May 1, and passed the House on May 3 and the Senate on May 4. The bill will provide full funding through September 30, 2017.

The following document highlights the implications of the Omnibus with respect to U.S. assistance to Egypt. The analysis herein highlights new changes, such as the addition of a clause to reprogram funds whose obligation has been impeded by recent restrictions on civil society, as well as continued conditions, like the requirement that 15 percent of foreign military financing (FMF) be withheld based on the Egyptian government’s adherence to human rights. The document is accompanied by comprehensive tables comparing details of the bill to those of FY15 and FY16, as well as the Senate’s and House’s drafted 2017 appropriations bills.

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