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A Discussion on the Changing Roles of Women

On a panel moderated by Syria Deeply Managing Editor Alessandria Masi, the changing role of women in the humanitarian, media, and public sectors was discussed.

Through our partnership, Syria’s Women: Policies & Perspectives, the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) and News Deeply challenged the stereotypes and generalizations about the impact of war on Syrian women and their role in the country’s future.

Over the past five months, we have curated in-depth analysis, on-the- ground reporting and policy briefs, providing new perspectives on the role of Syrian women in education, peacebuilding, media, preserving cultural heritage, politics and the economy. We also covered underreported issues related to violence against women and barriers to women’s advancement to foster a nuanced and comprehensive understanding among the public and policymakers working to change these realities.

Moderated by Syria Deeply’s managing editor Alessandria Masi, we welcomed panelists Hassan Hassan, senior fellow at TIMEP, Marvin Gate, founder of Humans of Syria, Anna Lekas Miller, journalist and contributor to our series, and Yisser Bittar, director of development at the Karam Foundation discussed the changing role of women in the humanitarian, media and public sector, and the future challenges women in Syria face.


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