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Egyptians in Exile: Activism and Organizing Abroad Since 2013

More than eleven years since Egyptians took to the streets in what became the January 25 Revolution, the conversation about the positionality of Egyptians in exile is front and center. Who has left the country? Why did they leave? How have they organized politically? How have Egyptian authorities responded to the growing presence of Egyptian communities abroad? And what creative and responsive strategies exist for the future of mobilization abroad and in coordination with those on the ground?

Following months of desk research, in-depth interviews, and critical convenings, TIMEP Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow Mohamed Mandour has produced a package of original analysis that tackles these questions. This package includes:

  • An in-depth piece on how Egyptians have organized in exile since 2013, available in both English and Arabic;
  • An analysis on the ways in which the Egyptian state has responded to Egyptian communities abroad and in exile (publication forthcoming); and
  • A forward-thinking reflection on the way forward (publication forthcoming).


Established in memory of the late Egyptian political writer and commentator Bassem Sabry, the Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellowship is awarded to a young professional who is committed to the principles of democratic and inclusive change: values that Sabry promoted and espoused during his lifetime. You can read more about the fellowship and prior recipients here.