On Ahmed Naji

The magnitude of the case of journalist and novelist Ahmed Naji was as odd as the two-year imprisonment verdict he received as a punishment for using sexually explicit language in his novel Using Life. The complainant went voluntarily and filed a complaint against Naji, claiming that he suffered from heart disorders and elevated blood pressure […]

The Jewish Quarter: A Missed Opportunity

The new Ramadan drama “Haret al-Yahud” “The Jewish Quarter” has succeeded in getting Egyptians, across religions, to agree: The show is rather mediocre. The plot— a Muslim-Jewish love story set in 1948—could have been presented in a 90-minute film, but was instead dragged out into a 20-hour-long television series.  The program’s glaring flaws, from the […]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Fate...

In 2003, French philosopher Alain Badiou gave for the first time his lecture entitled “Fifteen Theories on Contemporary Art” at New York’s Drawing Center. In his lecture, Badiou explains the determining features of contemporary art, including a definition of what he calls “non-imperial art.” Badiou bases his definition on Antonio Negri’s theory of Empire as […]