Is it already a year?!

“Sarah did not second guess herself before waving the rainbow flag at Mashrou’ Leila’s concert. With her usual innocence, she did not calculate the consequences of the confrontation.”

NDP to NFP: Rebranding or Restructuring Parliamentary Life in...

Egypt is in the process of building the largest parliamentary building in the Middle East in its New Administrative Capital. Last year elections were held for a new upper chamber of parliament—the Senate—which was added in the latest round of constitutional amendments, along with subsequent elections for the House of Representatives. Why, in a regime […]

The Contested Politics of Coptic Diasporic Activism

Ideological divides and a lack of collaboration have characterized diasporic Coptic activism over the last five decades. Fragmentation among Coptic organizations with competing narratives and strategies has hindered alliance-building, grassroots mobilization, fundraising, and policy impact.

Indefinite Pretrial Detention in Egypt: Rotation and Detention Pending...

In recent years, Egyptian authorities have increasingly turned pretrial detention from an exceptional legal measure to a punitive tool used regularly against human rights defenders, journalists, and individuals perceived to be critical of the government.

Organizing in Egypt: Legislative Fact Sheet

Since the January 25 Revolution, Egyptian authorities have passed a number of laws that severely affect key fundamental rights at the heart of organizing on the ground and online. A new fact sheet by TIMEP’s Legal Unit details these legislative developments.

Targeting the last line of defense: Egypt’s attacks against...

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and TIMEP present a joint briefing paper which documents a course of conduct by state institutions in Egypt that aims to weaken and curtail the legal profession, and thereby dismantle the last line of defense against the government’s sustained crackdown on human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Legal Guide: Effective Communication Between the Lawyer and Defendant...

TIMEP releases “Effective Communication between the Lawyer and Defendant and the Right to a Fair Trial: A Guide for Lawyers in Egypt,” authored by human rights lawyer and legal researcher Adel Ramadan. 

TIMEP Brief: Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a 6,500-megawatt hydroelectric power plant being constructed in Ethiopia, has been a major point of contention between Egypt and its southern neighbors.