Is it already a year?!

“Sarah did not second guess herself before waving the rainbow flag at Mashrou’ Leila’s concert. With her usual innocence, she did not calculate the consequences of the confrontation.”

Women on the Frontline: The Anti-Sexual Violence Movement in...

Years ago, hardly any women could openly speak about their sexual harassment or assault experiences. Today, it is a matter of public debate and prominent civil society action.

A Tunisian’s Perspective: Why Feminism is So Important in...

After seeing the Women’s March in Washington, Bassem Sabry Fellow Oumayma Ben Abdallah reflects feminism in the U.S. and the importance of continued progress in women’s rights.

TIMEP Brief: LGBTQ Human Rights in Egypt

Systematic violation of the human rights of Egypt’s LGBTQ persons under the watch of the Egyptian government occurs in deliberate disregard for the country’s constitution and international legal obligations.

Five Years of Egypt’s War on Terror

This report outlines trends and developments that have taken place in the past five years of the war on terror and examines the legal and political context in which they have occurred. Finally, it offers summary findings to further efforts to establish peace and security centered on rights and the rule of law.

Raising the Stakes: Implications of a Second Sisi Term

Egypt’s 2018 presidential election period offers little illusion of any outcome than the president’s reelection. Yet Sisi’s second term will have important implications in several policy areas.