Libya’s Elections and Stability

With Libya preparing to hold elections in December this year, concerns related to their legal framework threaten the whole process and raise questions about the effectiveness of ensuring Libya’s stability in the short and long term.

Risk and Reward: Legal Identity Documentation in the Syrian...

During the Syrian civil war, the task of registering and documenting life-cycle events and property transactions has been fulfilled not only by the Syrian state but by a range of other actors.

Lawyering for Change

In Lawyering for Change, TIMEP’s Legal Unit conducts a series of interviews with lawyers, legal practitioners, and academics who explore the roles that lawyers have played throughout the region’s protest movements and revolutions over the last decade.


Q&A with ECCHR’s Patrick Kroker: Syrian War Crimes in...

Since 2011, over 20 complaints have been filed outside of Syria against regime officials for war crimes and other violations of international law. Patrick Kroker of ECCHR discusses the trends and implications of such cases.

Due Process and COVID-19 in the MENA Region

As countries continue to respond to the pandemic’s spread, it is critical that governments recognize the domestic and international legal obligations that remain incumbent upon them in this moment.

New laws, same old practices? Lebanon passes anti-corruption laws,...

The mere passage of anti-corruption legislations therefore may not be adequate when effective implementation of these laws is up in the air.

Reports & Briefs

TIMEP and CPJ: Joint UPR Advocacy Fact Sheet on...

In an effort to comprehensively address the deterioration of press freedom in Lebanon, this fact sheet proposes recommendations relevant to both the country’s legal framework and its violative practices.

Targeting the last line of defense: Egypt’s attacks against...

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and TIMEP present a joint briefing paper which documents a course of conduct by state institutions in Egypt that aims to weaken and curtail the legal profession, and thereby dismantle the last line of defense against the government’s sustained crackdown on human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Legal Guide: Effective Communication Between the Lawyer and Defendant...

TIMEP releases “Effective Communication between the Lawyer and Defendant and the Right to a Fair Trial: A Guide for Lawyers in Egypt,” authored by human rights lawyer and legal researcher Adel Ramadan.