Arab Spring Revolutions: Dreams and Prospects of Political and...

There is no doubt that the Arab Spring revolutions have greatly contributed to the formation of the collective consciousness of many groups in society, especially youth, women and marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ community.

Libyan Women and Political Participation: Ten Years Since the...

Women’s insecurity in Libya represents one of the main factors that challenges gender equality and the status quo, hindering the reconciliation and peace process.

Part 3: Policy Recommendations for HLP Rights Violations

 This is the final piece of a three-part series on HLP rights violations in Syria. 

Part 2: Violations by Nongovernment Actors

This explainer is the second in TIMEP’s series on HLP rights violations in the Syrian context, highlighting the systematic abuses perpetrated by nongovernment actors in Syria

Part 1: Violations in Government-Held Areas

Looking at government-held areas, this first piece explores the various means through which the Syrian government is systematically violating HLP rights.

Part 2: Detrimental Conditions inside Syria

This explainer is the second in a TIMEP series regarding the issue of refugee return in the Syrian context, with an emphasis on current conditions inside Syria for returning Syrians.

TIMEP’s new Syria Unpacked project highlights and explores the significance of these concerns for the country’s future trajectory. The project is premised on the belief that understanding the impact of ongoing dynamics in Syria requires a comprehensive perspective on the interplay between political, human rights, security, economic, and legal challenges.