Egypt’s Elections and Parliament: Old Habits Never Die

Over the past year while the world was reeling in a pandemic that disrupted lives on all fronts, many countries carried out their planned elections and referenda, and Egypt was among them. Between July and December 2020, the National Elections Authority (NEA) administered elections for Egypt’s two houses of parliament—the House of Representatives and the […]

Foreign Aid to Lebanon: Goodwill Marred by Smoke and...

Lebanon is currently facing an unprecedented multi-pronged crisis that threatens the state’s very existence. The economic and financial crisis that began to manifest itself since roughly August 2019, when the value of the Lebanese Lira began to decline, has metamorphosed into a socioeconomic collapse, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and a humanitarian crisis resulting from […]

A decade on, Libya’s revolutionary hopes are smouldering ashes...

“Wasn’t it better under Gadaffi?” is a question that strangers have forced me to ponder countless times over the past ten years. Vaguely familiar with death and destruction-laden news coverage from Libya, many expect us to experience a haze of nostalgia for the familiar allure of authoritarianism. To be fair, many Libyan families were indeed […]

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) offers its Egypt Parliament Watch project. Building on the success of its original Legislation Tracker and Parliamentary Election Projects, Egypt Parliament Watch monitors trends and developments in Egypt’s legislative body. Issuing reports, analyses, and regular briefings, the project:

TIMEP’s Transitional Justice Project (TJP) is an innovative, timely project that addresses crucial issues at the heart of the transitions in the Middle East and fills an important knowledge gap on these issues.