Building Democratic Institutions in Sudan Amid Authoritarian Rule

With the anniversary of the military coup in Sudan approaching, there has been a growing trend in building democratic institutions with stronger legitimacy among trade unions and resistance committees. These groups, which draw membership on the basis of residence or profession, have revamped their efforts to get institutionalized through democratic processes. Regardless of how Sudan’s political situation unfolds, the current wave of building democratic institutions across various sectors is a remarkable beacon of hope.

Climate Change and Political Instability: Will Sudan Ever Find...

Sudan has a lot of work to do before the conference in order to define its priorities and potential gains from COP 27. But with the continued political tension and the fact that climate change is not a priority for the military-led government, it is highly unlikely that Sudan will be able to unlock the full potential of COP 27.

The Stumbling Mediation Initiatives in the Post-Coup Sudan

Following the military coup that was staged in Sudan on October 25, 2021, multiple international and regional mediation initiatives have been working on ending the country’s political deadlock, with little success. This piece will look into how these mediation initiatives are structured, what they have achieved so far, in addition to investigating the challenges they encountered and how they could possibly enhance their interventions in the future.