04/27/2018 . By Hassan Hassan

The strikes on Syria by the U.S., France, and the U.K. will make it less likely for its regime to use chemical weapons. They also represent a setback for Iran.

04/11/2018 . By Mai El-Sadany

Syria’s hastily drafted Law No. 10 of 2018 makes it even more difficult for displaced Syrians and refugees to come home, codifying the fact that the regime does not want them to return.

02/23/2018 . By Kamal Chomani

While Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch may help Erdogan meet personal and national security objectives, it will also bring serious consequences for Turkey and the region.

09/21/2017 . By Hassan Hassan

TIMEP Senior Fellow Hassan Hassan examines speculation about the son of al-Qaeda’s founder being positioned to replace its aging current leader.

05/08/2017 . By Hassan Hassan

There is an obvious divergence between expectation and reality in Iraq, and this should worry any policymaker dealing with the threat of terrorism in the region and beyond.

Combating al-Qaeda in Syria: A Strategy for the Next Administration
01/11/2017 . By TIMEP

In 2017, the conflict in Syria will reach its seventh year of violence. In the past six years, we have witnessed at least 450,000 deaths in Syria.

08/07/2017 . By TIMEP

TIMEP is pleased to announce a partnership with News Deeply that seeks to amplify narratives of Syrian women and examine relevant local and international policies.

08/19/2016 . By TIMEP

TIMEP’s collaboration with Karam aligns with its goal to magnify local voices across the Middle East and North Africa as it will apply its advocacy expertise in support of Karam’s mission and initiatives.

11/19/2015 . By TIMEP

TIMEP Nonresident Fellow Hassan Hassan answered questions about recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris apparently carried out by the Islamic State.

01/26/2018 . By TIMEP

On a panel moderated by Syria Deeply Managing Editor Alessandria Masi, the changing role of women in the humanitarian, media, and public sectors was discussed.

09/01/2017 . By TIMEP

This report on violence against women in Syria is part of TIMEP-News Deeply’s Syria’s Women: Policies & Perspectives partnership.