Ayoub Menzli

Ayoub Menzli is a former Nonresident Fellow at TIMEP focusing on political economy in Tunisia. He is an independent consultant, analyst, and researcher from Tunisia. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Carthage and an MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe. Ayoub is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Roma Tre University. His research involves North African politics, international financial institutions, and Euro-Mediterranean relations. His research interests also include energy and climate transition. You can follow him on Twitter: @menzli_ayoub.

Articles by: Ayoub Menzli

Beyond Extraction and Austerity: Tunisia’s Path to Prosperity

Traditional approaches to solving Tunisia’s chronic economic problems have shown little efficacy, highlighting the need for a new attitude toward reform.

Tunisia’s IMF Deal: The Country’s Subsidies Under Threat

Tunis seems to become the city of queues. Whether at gas stations, at supermarkets, or at bakeries, long lines of increasingly frustrated citizens are a clear sign of the socioeconomic crisis enveloping...