Jake Greene

Jake Greene is a Senior Research Associate at TIMEP, where he has researched and written on security issues in Egypt and Libya. He received a Master’s in Global Affairs from the American University in Cairo, and his research interests include nonproliferation, geopolitics, and geostrategy. Jake's commentary has appeared in Foreign Affairs, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and other publications, and he has been interviewed by the Associated Press, Mada Masr, and Vocativ. You can follow him on Twitter: @SinaiWonk.

Articles by: Jake Greene

Hassm Killings Raise Questions About Egyptian Counter-terror Practices

TIMEP Senior Research Associate Jake Greene and Research Intern Mohammad Sarhan write about the mysterious circumstances surrounding a reported raid that raise concern over human rights violations during counter-terror operations.

Hassm claims yet another attack

TIMEP Senior Research Associate and Egypt Security Watch Project Intern Christian Barsoum review developments following an attack by the group Harikat Souad Masr, known as Hassm.