Nourhan Fahmy

Nourhan Fahmy is an Egyptian researcher, who focuses on human rights law and international affairs policy research. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Master's in Global Affairs and is currently pursuing a LL.M in International Human Rights Law degree at the same university. She is a former Bassem Sabry Democracy Fellow at TIMEP.

Articles by: Nourhan Fahmy

From Gaza to The Hague: Navigating the ICC Investigation and the Pursuit of Palestinian Justice

With the ongoing war on Gaza, it is imperative that the International Court Criminal Court fulfills its mandate, and upholds the international legal system that has failed Palestinians for decades.

Ebb of Justice: Egypt’s Constitutional Court as Veto Player in International Disputes

Amid a resurgence in international prosecutions and transnational modes of legal accountability, various states implicated in human rights violations have grown wary about potential legal consequences and how this threatens their reputation...