09/14/2020 . By Ruba al-Hassani

A restorative approach to justice, institution- and institution capacity-building can help curb the cycle of retributive violence as social bonds are re-established, and can help achieve security, stability, and accountability, which Iraq desperately needs.

09/10/2020 . By Kareem Chehayeb

Lebanon is not famished as some tabloids claim, but to experience a food security crisis with no clear vision to alleviate it is a cause for concern.

09/10/2020 . By Ishak Ibrahim

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed exceptional circumstances and tough challenges on Egyptian religious institutions, which have been tested when it comes to policies of social distancing in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.

09/01/2020 . By Joey Ayoub

In a video posted on Facebook, six activists took it upon themselves to explain the “Kafala” system in six languages: English, Swahili, Akan, Somali, French, and Kinyarwanda. It is, they

08/14/2020 . By Fatim-Zohra El Malki

On July 29, 2020, Moroccan investigative journalist Omar Radi was transferred to Casablanca’s Oukacha prison pending trial in late September. Omar, who was summoned by the National Brigade of Judicial

08/13/2020 . By Kareem Chehayeb

Just over a week after the devastating explosion on August 4 that ripped through the Lebanese capital, Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of extending a state of emergency across Beirut until August 21.

08/13/2020 . By Basil El-Dabh

This past month, the Economic Court in Cairo sentenced two women, Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham, to two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($18,750) each,

08/11/2020 . By Suhail al-Ghazi

The demise of Makhlouf will cause a shift in internal power dynamics of the regime.

07/30/2020 . By Labib al-Nahhas

The rights of the displaced must be taken seriously and placed at the heart of the future political solution. It is impossible to consider any of the currently ongoing elements of the political process without addressing one key issue–creating a safe environment for a voluntary and dignified return of the displaced.

07/24/2020 . By Yasmin Omar and Mai El-Sadany

As countries continue to respond to the pandemic’s spread, it is critical that governments recognize the domestic and international legal obligations that remain incumbent upon them in this moment.