10/09/2020 . By Timothy E. Kaldas

Once again, Egypt has received financing from the IMF, and once again the IMF has pledged that funding will contribute to a reform program designed to lead to inclusive private

10/08/2020 . By Joey Shea

Egypt’s sexual assault reckoning intensified at the end of August when witnesses and campaigners involved in bringing to light a horrific gang-rape were arrested and smeared.

10/08/2020 . By Kareem Chehayeb

Almost two months following the devastating Beirut Port blast, citizens of Lebanon and residents of the capital have yet to be officially informed of most developments or findings surrounding the government’s ongoing investigation.

10/02/2020 . By Omnia Gadalla

Egyptian women are still banned from applying to the judicial posts within the State Council and the Public Prosecution, which has been the case since their establishments in 1946 and 1881 respectively.

09/28/2020 . By Alessandra Bajec

In what came as an unexpected announcement this September, Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj stated his intention to step down by the end of October following speculation in the press

09/16/2020 . By Noor Hamadeh and Krystel Bassil

Although the Syrian context is different in that the conflict is still ongoing, drawing comparisons between Beirut’s Solidere and Syria’s Marota City sheds light on the politics of reconstruction and how reconstruction projects can result in further harm to civilians.

09/14/2020 . By Ruba al-Hassani

A restorative approach to justice, institution- and institution capacity-building can help curb the cycle of retributive violence as social bonds are re-established, and can help achieve security, stability, and accountability, which Iraq desperately needs.

09/10/2020 . By Kareem Chehayeb

Lebanon is not famished as some tabloids claim, but to experience a food security crisis with no clear vision to alleviate it is a cause for concern.

09/10/2020 . By Ishak Ibrahim

The coronavirus pandemic has imposed exceptional circumstances and tough challenges on Egyptian religious institutions, which have been tested when it comes to policies of social distancing in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.

09/01/2020 . By Joey Ayoub

In a video posted on Facebook, six activists took it upon themselves to explain the “Kafala” system in six languages: English, Swahili, Akan, Somali, French, and Kinyarwanda. It is, they