05/04/2020 . By TIMEP

In recent years prior and in the time since the approval of Egypt’s April 2019 constitutional amendments implicating prosecutorial and judicial authority, the appointment process, mandate, and authorities of the

05/01/2020 . By Luna Safwan

Months of accumulation of economic challenges and disappointments in both the banking sector and the current ruling government in Lebanon culminated in mass protests on October 17 last year, during which citizens from different social classes, students, workers, teachers, and more protested to demand change and accountability.

04/28/2020 . By Ishak Ibrahim

Calls for banning the niqab (the full face veil) in public places and state institutions in Egypt have recently re-emerged, gaining momentum after the High Administrative Court rendered a final judgment this past January rejecting the appeal of 80 niqab-wearing researchers at Cairo University and upholding the university’s decision to ban niqab for staff members during lectures.

04/16/2020 . By Basma Alloush

As the world adapts to new norms under COVID-19, there are over 70 million people who are forcibly displaced across the globe trying to survive in new environments and to

04/14/2020 . By Timothy E. Kaldas

As is the case in many nations, this crisis is exposing the structural weaknesses in Egypt’s economy and the human costs that spring from them.

04/09/2020 . By Yasmina Allouche

To add to their long list of woes, Algerians are now fighting a new battle threatening their lives: the coronavirus. With a poor health system in place, an economy on the brink of collapse, and a government whose legitimacy has been contested over the past year, 2020 is shaping up to be a testing year for both the state and its civilians.

04/03/2020 . By Mai El-Sadany

Across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), countries are taking measures in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. These national responses have included the creation of emergency hotlines, awareness campaigns, stay-at-home orders, and curfews. There is one underemphasized issue that will remain central to a country’s success in “flattening the curve”: detention.

03/17/2020 . By Kareem Chehayeb

Lebanon has witnessed a resurgence in libel and slander cases targeted at activists and journalists, including four high profile cases in late February. Prominent journalist Dima Sadek and blogger Gino

03/13/2020 . By Mai El-Sadany

On March 10, 2020, the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz, Germany announced that a criminal trial prosecuting members of the Syrian security apparatus for torture would begin on April 23,

03/06/2020 . By Timothy E. Kaldas

Resolving the issue is pressing for all parties. Egypt has reason to be alarmed. While Ethiopia had insisted that the long-term flow of the Nile would return to normal once the reservoir is filled, reports indicate that Ethiopia seeks to reserve the right to ultimately curtail the flow in order to protect the pace of hydropower production.