08/04/2014 . By Mostafa Hussein

Five months ago, Egypt’s Military Engineering Authority announced that by June 30, 2014, they would be able to cure those living with HIV/AIDS and the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). They

07/28/2014 . By Gregg Carlstrom

After a week of frenzied diplomacy to reach a cease-fire agreement and end the worsening Israeli offensive in Gaza, talks have ended almost back where they began. By Sunday morning

07/15/2014 . By Mai El-Sadany

Reversing a verdict which initially banned Mubarak-era officials from contesting presidential and parliamentary elections, the Cairo Appeals Court for Urgent Matters has decided that National Democratic Party (NDP) members can

07/07/2014 . By Amr Adly

A mid-June decision to withhold the funds of the Zad and Seoudi grocery stores and place them under government financial control raises some significant questions about the significance and timing

06/28/2014 . By Magda Boutros

On June 21, Yara Sallam was arrested, along with 30 others, during the dispersal of a protest calling for the repeal of the new anti-protest law, which has been used

06/21/2014 . By Mai El-Sadany

With the heightened crackdown on activists, journalists, Muslim Brotherhood supporters, and political dissidents of all stripes, Egypt’s police stations and jails are housing thousands, if not tens of thousands of

06/19/2014 . By Nesreen Salem

Another media war has broken out, and once again, the casualties are women. While sparked by the disturbing evidence of violence directed against one woman in a video that went

06/19/2014 . By Nadia Elboubkri

I was once asked by a male relative, upon informing him of my intention to study women’s participation in politics: “why do women want to be men?” This question is

06/19/2014 . By Mohamad Adam

Two years after numerous statements by youth and women’s rights movements about the continuous incidents of violence and sexual harassment against women in large protests, especially in Tahrir, it took

06/19/2014 . By Dr. Nancy Okail

In attempt to address the dangerous implications of Egypt’s sexual violence epidemic, TIMEP has dedicated a special issue with a series of articles and a week of events in Washington.