It is our belief at TIMEP that local experts and advocates are the most well-positioned to understand developments, challenges, and opportunities on the ground. Their voices and experiences are instrumental in crafting solutions-oriented policy that responds to root causes–whether at the U.S., EU, or UN level. Despite this, we find that local experts and advocates are often sidelined; they suffer from resource challenges; they lack access to training and convening opportunities; and they are often cut-off from each other and the international community.

Between Regional Escalation and Border Negotiations: Lebanon’s Oil and Gas Future in Limbo

Lebanon’s governing elite still pin their hopes on future energy wealth despite waning corporate interest and regional conflict.

Fragile Sanctuary: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Face Abuse and Deportation

Syrian refugees seeking safety in Lebanon targeted in an escalating campaign of discrimination, violence, and potential deportation.

Tunisia’s 2024 Presidential Race: Elections, No Elections, and Under What Conditions?

The risks that lie ahead in Tunisia’s election year suggest that President Saied’s regime has placed the country's democracy under a severe threat.

Cutting Lifelines: How Humanitarian Aid Reductions Threaten Survival in Northwest Syria

As humanitarian needs rise in northwestern Syria, international support is dwindling with devastating consequences for the population.

Rights At Risk: Safeguarding Libyan Women’s Rights in Times of Crisis

Why a National Action Plan protecting Libyan women’s freedoms is vital amid periodic crackdowns.

The Forgotten War on Sudan’s Christians

Sudan's Christian community has been consistently targeted by both the RSF and SAF since the beginning of the Sudan war, in acts that can be considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.

All Stick, No Carrot: The State of Book Publishing in Egypt

Egyptian authorities are exploiting new tools and policies to stifle the country's book industry, leading to more censorship, restrictions, and prosecutions.

Under Siege: The Dismal State of the Press in Egypt

No improvement in media freedom is expected in 2024 unless necessary pressure is applied to the Egyptian regime or policies toward it are changed.

Uprooted: Life and Loss One Year Into Sudan’s War 

TIMEP spoke with Sudanese activists, lawyers, writers, human rights defenders, and advocates on their experiences surviving the war in Sudan, their feelings of loss, displacement, and what “home” has come to mean...