It is our belief at TIMEP that local experts and advocates are the most well-positioned to understand developments, challenges, and opportunities on the ground. Their voices and experiences are instrumental in crafting solutions-oriented policy that responds to root causes–whether at the U.S., EU, or UN level. Despite this, we find that local experts and advocates are often sidelined; they suffer from resource challenges; they lack access to training and convening opportunities; and they are often cut-off from each other and the international community.

Ongoing Atrocities in Darfur and the Betrayal of Sudan’s Pro-Democracy Movement

The ongoing conflict in Sudan between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces has reached a critical juncture, particularly in Darfur. Amidst the escalating violence, Mat Nashed talks to TIMEP...

Israel’s Environmental and Economic Warfare on Lebanon

Israel’s deliberate attacks on South Lebanon, particularly the use of incendiary artillery such as white phosphorus bombs, has significant ramifications for the lives of civilians and the south’s vital agricultural sector.

Biden’s Unbalanced Support for Israel Comes With a Heavy Price

The United States’ one-sided solidarity with Israel is widely perceived, particularly in the Middle East, as bestowing upon Israel a sense of impunity for its humanitarian violations in Gaza.

Women’s Prisons in Egypt: Testimonies of Cruelty Behind Concrete

This article sheds light on human rights violations and what life behind prison walls is truly like for women prisoners in Egypt.

The Suffocation of Civil Society in Tunisia: A Chronicle of a Slow Constriction

Once celebrated as a shining achievement of the Tunisian revolution, civil society in Tunisia now finds itself grappling with persistent challenges, and its very survival is hanging in the balance.

Turning Commitments Into Action: Civilian Inclusion in Sudan’s Peace Process

Inclusive and participatory peace processes have often been sidelined in Sudan. These peace processes have failed to address the root causes of the impasses, hindering the country’s democratic transition.

Tainted Narratives: Tech Giants Harming Users in War Time

Tech companies have generally failed in protecting people from dangerous narratives fueled by disinformation, hate speech, and a lack of authentication checks. This is the current case with the ongoing war on...

New International Criminal Court Probe in Recent Attacks in Sudan’s Darfur

The International Criminal Court decided to open an investigation into atrocities that have been committed in West Darfur since conflict in Sudan erupted in April 2023. The investigation is limited to events...

The New Cross-Border Predicament in Syria

UN-coordinated cross-border aid into Syria has been dependent on a UNSC resolution, and its renewal has been controlled by the whims of the Syrian regime and its ally, Russia. Things do not...