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Egypt Media Roundup – May 7, 2014

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Legal & Political Institutions

The African Union will be sending an election observer mission comprised of more than 50 parliamentarians, journalists, and civil society representatives to monitor the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt. The Foreign ministry spokesman said, “the AU has taken this important step in response to an invitation by the Egyptian government.” [Daily News EgyptRead More..


Rights & Freedoms

Journalist Bel Trew writes, “Caught in the brutal seesaw of Egyptian politics, the April 6 movement has made few friends in Cairo’s corridors of power.” The youth movement has been pushed farther into the margins of Egyptian political life with their leaders in prison and an official ban on their activities. [Foreign Policy] Read More..

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Marginalized Groups

In light of the upcoming presidential elections, Egypt’s Coptic Christian community is speaking out against the injustices they face. EIPR has found that Christians in Egypt “have been forced to renounce their right to justice, and accept the result of so-called ‘reconciliation sessions’” which nullifies sectarian violence against the minority group. [Egyptian Streets] Read More..


Gender & Sexuality

Sexual harassment in Egypt is a topic much discussed, but with little government action to change the situation on the streets. Hannah Kamal says, “So far, no deterrent legal convictions have been implemented against harassers, giving the impression that there’s a general acceptance of the phenomenon.” [Al Monitor] Read More..

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Egypt is endeavoring to raise $2.5billion to cover natural gas imports through the end of the year. The funds will be use to secure supplies for power stations and to cover other related costs. “Egypt must import liquefied natural gas for power generation to cover a shortage as domestic gas production decline–a sensitive issue the country’s soon-to-be elected president will face.” [AhramRead More.. 

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Foreign Relations

The Wall Street Journal writes, “foreign investors have been some of the biggest losers in the economic fallout from three years of upheaval after the January 2011 revolution.” The main question at hand is how the new president will face the economic situation and handle new investment. Recently, a private US investor acquired a 2.3% stake in an Egyptian property development firm–but this is one of few recent investments that Egypt requires to jumpstart the economy. [WSJ, ReutersRead More..

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Legal & Political Institutions

 Sisi first televised interview highlights, part 2 

Ahram: Jumping, not walking, out of Egypt’s crisis: El-Sisi interview, part 2

LA Times: Egypt’s Sisi says U.S. asked him not to overthrow Islamist president

Business Standard: Egypt’s Sisi promises real economic improvement

NYT: U.S. Sought Delay of Morsi’s Ouster, Egyptian Leader Says

Reuters: Egypt’s presidential frontrunner Sisi cautious on energy subsidies

Middle East Eye: Sisi defies Salafist support with secular pledge

Washington Post: El-Sissi pushes Egyptians to line up behind him

In this article: In the second of a two-part interview, presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al Sisi spoke of his economic development plans, which include bringing Egypt out of its “circle of poverty.” He also alluded to a plan which he called the “development corridor” plan that would involve providing infrastructure for the agriculture sector and redivision of Egypt’s governorates. On foreign policy, Sisi asserted that the US did not encourage Sisi to overthrow former president Morsi, nor did they encourage him to run for president. Sisi also claims he will eliminate Egypt’s energy crisis by requiring energy-saving lamps, and speaking in favor of solar energy. He also stated, “the current Egyptian reality won’t allow for practices of old regimes to be repeated.”

 Wael Iskander on Egypt politics: “Absurdity permeates every aspect of Egyptian life” 

MERIP: “You Can Watch the Circus from Your Couch”

In this article: In an interview with Wael Eskander, MERIP discusses the upcoming presidential elections. Eskander states, about the current state of Egyptian politics, “Egypt’s deep state has evolved into what I call the kufta regime, a term derived from the army’s promise to turn the AIDS virus into lamb meatballs (kufta) and feed them to the people. All the regime is doing is feeding people lies, and if people are willing to accept the most absurd claims, it becomes the duty of the regime to keep pushing the envelope as far is it will go. Absurdity permeates every aspect of Egyptian life. Very silly men have a lot of power and I think they’re enjoying it, particularly given that these gimmicks are appealing even to the educated classes here. No one holds the security forces accountable and part of the way they operate is through a propaganda machine that focuses on the absurd.”

 Sabbahi calls for end to Muslim Brotherhood if elected president 

Egyptian Streets: Egypt’s Sabahi echoes Sisi, declares end of the Muslim Brotherhood

In this article: Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi has promised, as other candidate Abdel Fattah al Sisi, to rid of the Muslim Brotherhood during his presidency. He said, “the Muslim Brotherhood cannot remain as a party as the law does not allow the formation of parties based on religion…the group can also not remain after their involvement in crimes against this nation.”

Gender & Sexuality

 Head of the National Council for Women demands 100 seats for women in parliament 

Aswat Masriya: [AR] Tallawy demanding one hundred seats for women in the next parliament

In this article: The head of the National Council for Women, Mervat Tallawy, has demanded that the draft law on parliamentary elections include a clause stipulating at least 100 seats for women in the next parliament. In her meeting with the PEC, Tallawy stressed that the constitution guaranteed women the right to adequate representation in parliament.

Marginalized Groups

 National Council for Childhood and Motherhood releases report detailing violence against children 

Egyptian Streets: Egyptian children face rape, torture and murder in April

Ahram: 34 accounts of violence against children in two weeks: State council

In this article: The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood has stated that 66 cases of violence against children have occurred in April 2014. Their report concluded that dozens of children were raped, tortured, kidnapped, abused, or died due to violence. According to the report, the most common form of violence children faced was force, totaling 34.5% of all cases–25.7% of these cases resulted in death. Also of concern were the 15.3% of cases that involved kidnapping and trafficking, and 9.5% of cases that involved rape, 4.2% of cases that involved torture.


Rights & Freedoms

 12 “Ultras Ahlawy” sentenced in absentia to 5 years in prison for blocking road in Cairo 

Ahram: Egyptian football fans sentenced to 5 years in prison

In this article: A Cairo court has sentenced 12 members of Ultras Ahlawy to five years in prison for blocking a road during a protest in October, gathering illegally, and vandalism. The defendants were sentenced in absentia.


 Arabian Cement Company marks Egypt’s first major company to join stock exchange since 2011 

Reuters: UPDATE 2-Egypt’s Arabian Cement Co. seeks $120 mln from share listing

In this article: Egypt’s Arabian Cement Company has planned an initial public offering worth $120million to existing investors selling their shares. The public offering will be the first major company to join Egypt’s stock exchange since 2011.

 Israeli media reports Israeli gas supply deal to Egypt, Egypt government denies reports 

Mada Masr: Israel to supply gas to Egypt

Mada Masr: Egypt denies reports of plans to import Israeli gas

In this article: An Israeli media source reported that an Israeli gas company will be supplying Egypt with $20billion over 15 years. The Egyptian cabinet later released a statement denying the reports to import natural gas from Israel, and asserted that “no agreements have been made with any Egyptian companies to this end.”

Foreign Relations

 Egypt has accepted the US’ nomination for US ambassador to Cairo 

Ahram: Egypt accepts new US ambassador to Cairo

In this article: Egypt has approved the US’ nomination for the new ambassador to Cairo. The Ambassador’s name has not yet been revealed “citing diplomatic norms which stipulate initial approval by the US Congress and then an announcement from the US and not Egypt.”


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