07/20/2017 . By Mohamed El Dahshan

A television commercial showed beautiful young people walking out on their daily jobs, launching a homemade jam company, a food truck, or a designer furniture store. A voiceover promised that

07/05/2017 . By Osama Diab

Throughout June, the Egyptian cabinet and parliament debated a budget for the 2017–18 fiscal year, which began on July 1. The budget has been referred to in Egypt as the

06/26/2017 . By Mai El-Sadany

TIMEP Nonresident Fellow Mai El-Sadany had an article published in the World Policy Journal‘s Summer 2017 issue, entitled “Justice Denied.” The introduction of her article is excerpted here with their kind permission. The

01/05/2017 . By Erin Fracolli

Various studies and international organizations have noted the benefits of increased women’s representation in government, particularly within authoritarian systems.

09/09/2016 . By Brad Youngblood

A lack of quorum had already forced Egypt’s parliament to recess for 30 minutes when Speaker Ali Abdel ‘Al decided to call for two successive votes by show of hands

08/16/2016 . By Brad Youngblood and Noor Hamdy

The Protest Law bans protests of more than 10 people without government approval and has played an integral role in the state’s detention and prosecution of thousands of demonstrators and activists.

05/10/2016 . By Ragab Saad

Reviewing the positions of the prominent political parties on the plight facing human rights groups helps to clarify the contradictions of their stances on freedom of assembly.

02/03/2016 . By Mai El-Sadany

Tasked with the job of discussing and voting on 341 laws in a period of 15 days, the first assignment facing Egypt’s new parliament was not an easy one. After

01/09/2016 . By Mai El-Sadany

As an Egyptian parliament meets for the first time in nearly four years, a review of executive actions is atop the agenda.