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12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Since Egypt’s House of Representatives first convened in January 2016, it has passed numerous pieces of legislation, with significant implications for the political, economic, and social lives of Egyptians. Yet,

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Seven parliamentary entities are defined by the bylaws of the Egyptian House of Representatives: the Speaker, the Speaker’s Office, the General Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Specialized Committees, the Ad

11/30/2018 . By TIMEP

When Egypt’s current legislature gathered under the dome of the parliament building on January 10, 2016, the country completed the final step in its “democratic road map.” But simply convening

03/14/2018 . By TIMEP

TIMEP’s report on Egypt’s House of Representatives builds on years of data collection and review of political developments as part of the Egypt Parliament Watch project.

06/30/2017 . By TIMEP

Further assessment of Egypt’s House of Representatives is required to determine its democratic representation, according to this report.

01/09/2017 . By TIMEP

In this report, TIMEP assesses the performance of Egypt’s parliament and quality of the legislation it passed during its first session, which ran from January to September 2016.