Egypt Parliament Watch

EPW Week in Brief – August 15-27, 2019


  • President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi participated in the recent G7 Summit in France, and members of Egypt’s House of Representatives praised the event as signifying Egypt’s economic and diplomatic prominence on the international stage.

Notable Developments

Representatives Praise Sisi’s Participation in G7 Summit:

President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi traveled to France to participate in the G7 Summit, and representatives welcomed his participation in the worldwide forum. The Wafd Party and Protectors of the Nation Party issued separate statements expressing similar sentiments, saying that Sisi’s engagement in the event was indicative of Egypt’s economic prominence. Representative Abdel Rahim Ali of the Arab Affairs Committee praised Sisi for meeting with United States President Donald Trump, noting that the meeting indicates the strong relations between the two countries.

Other Developments

In Legislation:

As the House is currently on its summer recess, no legislation was approved during the past two weeks.

In Session:

According to a report in newspaper al-Youm al-Sabaa, representatives have submitted 1,592 formal suggestions to the government over the past four legislative sessions, with 793 of those coming during the most recent session.

Representative Ahmed Hereidi of the Energy Committee submitted a briefing request asking that the government extend natural gas supply lines to various villages around Port Said to assist citizens in the region. Hereidi also called for a government timeframe to resolve the sewage crisis in the area.

In News and Statements:

The Conservative Party issued a statement demanding that Egyptian authorities clarify a recent report alleging that Uighurs living in Egypt were detained, interrogated, and deported to China in conjunction with Chinese authorities. The statement said that Egyptian authorities ought not to deport Uighurs back to China due to the religious persecution they face in China.

Speaker of the House Ali Abdel ‘Al hosted Togo’s National Assembly Speaker Yawa Tsegan and her accompanying delegation. The two officials discussed strengthening economic cooperation, Egypt’s efforts within the African Union since Sisi assumed the chairman position, and political cooperation. Similarly, African Affairs Committee Chairman Tariq Radwan hosted Togo’s National Assembly deputy speakerto discuss parliamentary relations, economic cooperation, and Egypt’s role in Togo’s development.

Wafd Party Chairman Bahaa Abu Shoqa asserted that the party has already begun preparations for the upcoming parliamentary and local elections. The government has yet to announce a date for either election.

Representative Abdel Moneim Shehab of the Health Committee underscored the need for pharmacies to be inspected to prevent counterfeit drug sales.

Egyptian Freedom Party Chairman Salah Hassiballah stated that the party has begun preparations to open an office in the New Administrative Capital.

Representative Abdel Rahim Ali of the Arab Affairs Committee praised the recently signed Sudanese constitutional agreement for helping to stabilize the country.

Looking Ahead

  • Small and Medium Projects Committee Chairman Muhammad Maraei said that the committee will conduct several delegation visits throughout the country to assess small business development during the upcoming legislative session. Maraei also noted that these visits will serve as an opportunity to speak directly to workers.
  • Transportation Committee Chairman Hesham Abdel Wahid stated that the committee will visit the town of Salloum near the Libyan border during the upcoming legislative session to assess ongoing developments in the area. Salloum is the location of a major border crossing between the two countries.
  • Representative Tariq al-Khouli of the Foreign Affairs Committee stated that the committee will seek to collaborate with countries located in East Asia and Latin America during the upcoming legislative session. Khouli noted that the committee had not previously worked in those regions.