Weekly Briefs

03/13/2019 . By TIMEP

The Constitutional Affairs Committee is holding several dialogue sessions with political figures and civil society members to discuss the proposed constitutional amendments. The body is expected to meet twice next week and complete its outreach by March 24.

02/27/2019 . By TIMEP

After the House of Representatives agreed in principle to the proposed constitutional amendments on February 14, several political parties and their members engaged in internal disputes or split due to differing opinions on the proposal. Notable parties with internal strife included the Wafd, Conservative, and Democratic Egypt Parties. Some members resigned from their respective organizations, while others were subject to internal investigations.

02/15/2019 . By TIMEP

The House of Representatives agreed in principle to the proposed constitutional amendments. Media reports indicated a vote of 485 to 18 in favor, though no official tabulation or record of votes was released. Speaker of the House Ali Abdel ‘Al subsequently referred the amendments to the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, which will review the proposal for up to 60 days.

02/06/2019 . By TIMEP

Summary Representatives from the Coalition in Support of Egypt officially proposed amendments to the constitution, which include extending presidential term limits to two six-year terms. The amendments would also reduce

01/30/2019 . By TIMEP

The House responded to criticisms from European countries about Egypt’s human rights record, and three new representatives were sworn in to office.

12/21/2018 . By TIMEP

Special elections for the three available House of Representatives seats in Tamiya, Zefta, and Arish were held December 13–14 for expatriates in Egyptian embassies and December 19–20 for domestic residents.

12/11/2018 . By TIMEP

Following U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing Leilani Farha’s statement condemning Egypt’s reprisals against housing activists whom she met with on a recent mission to the country, committees in the House of Representatives condemned Farha’s remarks.

12/03/2018 . By TIMEP

After Italian authorities announced their intention to indict up to seven Egyptian security personnel in the death of Italian graduate student Giulio Regeni in 2016, the Italian Chamber of Deputies temporarily suspended ties with Egypt’s House of Representatives.

11/27/2018 . By TIMEP

After its internal council elections, several members of the Wafd Party contested the results, prompting party Chairman Bahaa Abu Shoqa to expel six members from the organization for allegedly promoting personal interests ahead of the organization’s goals.

11/19/2018 . By TIMEP

Delegations from the House of Representatives visited the United Kingdom and Belarus to discuss parliamentary cooperation and other issues. Members of the House also met the chair of the Bundestag’s human rights committee.