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11/16/2015 . By Greg Aftandilian

 Egypt faces a serious threat from terrorist groups, not only in the Sinai Peninsula but also in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, the government’s counter-terrorism campaign over the past

07/06/2015 . By Mai El-Sadany

The new counter-terrorism draft law aimed “to amend the country’s criminal procedures law and penal code to stiffen penalties on terrorism crimes.

07/02/2015 . By TIMEP

On the morning of July 1, 2015, militants engaged in coordinated attacks throughout Egypt’s North Sinai province. The attacks began just before 7 a.m. Cairo time, taking place at multiple

05/20/2015 . By Mai El-Sadany

The Terrorist Entities Law has various components that ensures that the process of designating terrorist will be subjective, inconsistent, and subject to human error.

05/18/2015 . By Zack Gold

On April 25, 2015, Egypt celebrated Sinai Liberation Day: the thirty-third anniversary of the return of most of the peninsula back to Egyptian sovereignty, following the signing of the Egypt-Israel

03/23/2015 . By Kareem Farid

Social media, intentionally or unintentionally, has revealed the inaccuracies of government official statements or state-owned media outlets in many cases.

12/12/2014 . By Mai El-Sadany

In a country contending with what are becoming weekly bombings and an ever-growing presence of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis (which has recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State), there is no

12/05/2014 . By Allison McManus

The Sinai as a Battlefield The security situation in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has seen some dangerously rapid and significant developments in the past weeks: A tripartite attack on security forces

09/18/2014 . By Mokhtar Awad

A number of violent actors operating inside Egypt—some jihadi and others not—seem poised to instigate a deadly Islamist insurgency the likes of which Egypt has never seen, even in the

07/24/2014 . By Mohannad Sabry

Throughout three years of reporting on Sinai’s unfolding events, researching its intertwined politics and security, and sifting through its unending social and economic issues, I came to realize that, over