State Actors

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Background Mahmoud Tawfiq Abdel Gawad Qandil was born August 3, 1961, in Giza, and graduated from the Police Academy in 1982. Following graduation, Tawfiq worked for various sectors within the

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Background Muhammad Ahmed Zaki was born in 1956 in Egypt, and graduated from the Military Academy in 1977. Zaki originally served as a member of the infantry, and was an

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Background Major General Khaled Shalaby is the Director of Security in the governorate of Fayoum. Prior to his current appointment, Shalaby served as Director of Police Investigations for the Giza

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Background Born in 1952 in Menofeya, to a family with numerous members in senior government service, Magdy Abdel Ghaffar graduated from the Police Academy in Cairo in 1974. He spent

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Background Faiza Abou el-Naga is a special adviser to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi on national security affairs. Abou el-Naga joined the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1975, where

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Background Major General Muhammad Abdellah is the Commander of the Third Field Army, which is headquartered in Suez and operates in South Sinai. Abdellah was born in Alexandria in 1958,

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Background Major General Medhat al-Menshawy is a career officer who served in a number of prominent posts within the Ministry of Interior and made a name for himself by violently

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Background Major General Shoaib Abdo Siaam is a graduate of the Police Academy who served as a senior figure in the paramilitary Central Security Forces (CSF) for several years. In

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Background Sobhi’s ascension through the ranks of the Third Field Army follows a typical career progression, serving in administrative positions and as executive officer before taking command of the army.

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Background In his time as defense minister, Tantawi resisted pressure from the United States to reform American military assistance away from prestige military hardware (such as tanks, fighter aircraft, and