Weekly Briefs

02/08/2019 . By TIMEP

Summary Four new claimed and unclaimed terror operations in Egypt were reported, including a rare attack reported outside of North Sinai, in Egypt’s New Valley governorate. Three counter-terror operations were

02/01/2019 . By TIMEP

Summary Egypt’s Interior Ministry said that it had arrested 54 alleged Muslim Brotherhood members on accusations of plotting operations to coincide with the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution. On

01/25/2019 . By TIMEP

Summary On December 28, Egypt’s Ministry of the Interior said an improvised explosive device (IED) attack on a tour bus in the Haram neighborhood of Giza killed three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian tour director.

12/17/2018 . By TIMEP

On December 16, an army captain and sergeant were reported to have been killed when an IED detonated during a counter-terrorism raid in central Sinai.

12/10/2018 . By TIMEP

Three counter-terror operations on December 5, 6, and 8 in Egypt’s Western Desert resulted in the deaths of 15 militants, including two suspected of involvement in the November 2 Minya attack.

12/03/2018 . By TIMEP

The U.S. Department of State notified Congress that it had approved two arms deals with Egypt, totaling $1.2 billion, with the funds being used from Egypt’s foreign military financing package.

11/26/2018 . By TIMEP

Wilayat Sinai claimed responsibility for five attacks this week, all using IEDs against military targets and development projects opened in North Sinai on the anniversary of the Rawda mosque attack.

11/16/2018 . By TIMEP

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the November 2 attack at the Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor in Minya. The Ministry of the Interior released photos of a raid in the Western Desert that killed 19 people who allegedly carried out the attack.