11/10 Virtual Event: Autocratic Governance and Market Reform in North Africa

A number of governments in North Africa, including Algeria and Egypt, have set up economic systems that can be characterized as being structurally unsustainable, having reorganized their respective economies to serve the goals of the executive branch or certain sub-segments. These fragile systems have stunted market investments, reduced long-term economic development, and have seen their weaknesses glaringly exposed by the spread of COVID-19. To fully understand how a market functions under a regime-led economy, we must explore both formal and informal institutions that extend beyond the state’s inherent governance.

Join us for a virtual public, moderated roundtable on Tuesday, November 10 at 10:00AM EST with Tin Hinane El Kadi, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, and TIMEP’s Nonresident Fellows Timothy Kaldas and Mohamed El Dahshan, as we seek to broaden the conversation around autocratic governance and control by exploring the political economies and development of North Africa, with a specific focus on Algeria and Egypt.

View the event here: