Parliamentary Elections Monitor

Note: This is an archived project; no significant changes have been made since parliament was seated in January 2016.

TIMEP’s Parliamentary Elections Project project, in tandem with TIMEP’s 2014 elections coverage, tracked the parliamentary ballot, in providing comprehensive reporting and analysis of elections throughout the month long process. The project offers clarity for policymakers, analysts, and the general public seeking to make sense of the Egyptian political scene and significance of the elections to the country’s political transition.

Project Components:

Live Interactive Map: TIMEP provided exclusive and detailed interactive elections maps, providing a historical overview of results and supplementary information for the 2011 parliamentary elections as well as interactive data at the district level for 2015. As 2015 elections results were released, the map was updated to reflect party and individual candidate results.

Profiles and Interviews: TIMEP developed comprehensive party profiles and conducted on-the-ground interviews for major Egyptian parties and coalitions participating in the elections. These features provide concise information on the actors working within a deeply complex political system.

Commentary: To explore the complexities of Egypt’s political landscape, TIMEP drew on its deep network of experts with a breadth of experience in Egyptian politics. Analyses touches on issues related to democratic transition, representation, and the basics of the parliamentary elections.

Exclusive Coverage: TIMEP published exclusive coverage of each day of elections from reporters on the ground.