10/02/2020 . By Omnia Gadalla

Omnia Gadalla is an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Sharia at Al-Azhar University (Business Law Department), a Master of Laws researcher at Al-Azhar University, and founded of

09/28/2020 . By Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist specializing in the Middle East and North Africa. Between 2010 and 2011, she lived in Palestine and was based in Cairo between 2013 and

09/14/2020 . By Krystel Bassil

Krystel Bassil is the Head of the Human Rights and Business Unit at the Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP). Prior to joining SLDP, Krystel worked as a business and human

09/01/2020 . By Joey Ayoub

Joey Ayoub is the founder of The Fire These Times & Hummus For Thought and a PhD researcher at the University of Zurich, Dissonant Narratives. Twitter account: @JoeyAyoub

08/14/2020 . By Fatim-Zohra El Malki

Fatim-Zohra El Malki is a North Africa consultant based between Rabat and London. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford, where she focuses on criminal justice

07/30/2020 . By Labib al-Nahhas

Labib al-Nahhas De La Ossa is a Syrian politician and activist, formerly an IT/software entrepreneur. Originally from the city of Homs, Syria, he is currently the Program Director at the

07/09/2020 . By Shohdi Mourad

Shohdi Mourad is the pseudonym for a Cairo-based contributor, who has requested anonymity.

06/24/2020 . By Abdullah Chahin

Dr. Abdullah Chahin is an assistant professor of Medicine at Brown University and an infectious disease and critical care physician.

06/23/2020 . By Lia Harris

Dr. Lia Harris is Canadian pediatrician who has worked in low resource settings, most recently in Yemen.

06/23/2020 . By Tayseer Alkarim

Dr. Tayseer Alkarim is a physician, humanitarian, and nonviolence activist with over a decade of field experience in medical emergency operations in conflict zones and low-resource settings. He leads humanitarian