Mondher Tounsi

Mondher is a Legal and Policy Intern at TIMEP. He is a graduate student at Sciences Po Paris, pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Security, with a specialization in Intelligence and Middle Eastern affairs. He previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, after receiving a full scholarship from the US Department of State. Mondher has led many projects with his organization Young Leaders Entrepreneurs in Tunisia that tackled themes pertaining to the democratic transition post-Arab-spring such as countering violent extremism, civil society consolidation and governance, as well as the promotion of social entrepreneurship. In addition, he has worked with different institutions and think tanks such as Chatham House and the UNAOC on initiatives promoting youth engagement in decision-making at the policy level. On a personal level, Mondher is passionate about the political development of the Arab World and works as a sociopolitical commentator at Vice Arabia. He aims to deconstruct Western-led narratives surrounding the region and to empower local voices and initiatives.