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Sisi Resigns, Announces Candidacy for President of Egypt

TIMEP Calls for Free and Fair Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the announcement of Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi’s resignation from Egypt’s Defense Ministry and candidacy for President of Egypt, the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy expresses its hope that both the upcoming campaign season and presidential election will be conducted in a manner in keeping with established international norms associated with free and fair elections.

The topic of free and fair elections in Egypt is a particular concern in light of ongoing public debate over the law governing the election process. TIMEP encourages the Egyptian government to address the legitimate concerns expressed by Egyptians about the law. Additionally, in light of the repressive actions taken against citizens promoting a “no” vote and encouraging boycotts during the 2014 Constitutional Referendum, TIMEP urges the Egyptian government to provide an open environment for peaceful dissent and opposition voices.

While elections are certainly an important component of democracy, they alone do not make a country democratic. The protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms, respect for rule of law, and the subordination of the military to elected civilian officials are among the most crucial elements needed in Egypt today.

The Egyptian people have fervently demonstrated their will to ensure accountable governance over the years, and TIMEP supports their continued efforts during the upcoming election season.


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