January 1, 1970
Syria's Revolution: Twelve Years On
March 15, 2023

As we mark 12 years since the Syrian revolution and look at where Syria is today, we asked TIMEP nonresident fellows, alumni, and contributors what they believe are the key issues policymakers should be paying attention to when it…

The final political process in Sudan seems to be going forward, despite its challenges and limitations. Not resolving these issues might lead to an agreement that lacks support from the most influential pro-democracy groups.

Forecasts indicate that Egypt’s coastline (Port Said - Alexandria) and other areas in the Delta governorates may sink due to climate change.

Even in Sudan’s historically militarized political system, civilian leaders and former rebels face a false dilemma of backing one coup general or the other, an impossible binary that has already had very dangerous consequences.

While the cholera outbreak in Syria is driven by the consumption of untreated water, there is an even more profound disease plaguing the country: the weaponization and subversion of core public goods, including water and health. 

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Latest analysis

Law 191 is a legislative victory as it provides basic defense guarantees for a person suspected…

Latest analysis

The devastating earthquake will be a tipping point in modern history, where a large number of…

It is important to revisit the experiences of Libya and Tunisia at COP27 to better understand…

Law 191 is a legislative victory as it provides basic defense guarantees for a person suspected…

Before the earthquake, the future of northwest Syria was already strongly compromised.

While easy to overlook given the scale of Sudan’s challenges, tax transparency initiatives are one of…

Since 2014, Egyptian lawyers defending minorities against unjust prosecution have been facing increasing difficulties in doing…


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Gender and Press Freedom in the Maghreb: Examining Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco

Across the Maghreb region of North Africa, in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, governments have escalated restrictions…