Nonresident Fellowship

TIMEP’s Nonresident Fellowship program supports advocates, scholars, and analysts based on the ground in the MENA region or with significant ties to the region whose work advances the accountable, transparent, and just societies that TIMEP is committed to fostering. 

TIMEP recruits many of its nonresident fellows in an annual cohort, creating a unique opportunity for cross-regional learning and connectivity. Throughout the one year program, each TIMEP nonresident fellow will have a thematic and/or country-focused mandate. Fellows will produce solutions-oriented and policy-relevant analysis on the top issues affecting their mandate; access personalized skills-building opportunities, particularly focused on the policy and media spaces; connect and collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals; and share their knowledge and analysis with stakeholders through media, advocacy, and convening opportunities. While the program welcomes talent across backgrounds and experiences, it particularly invests in early and mid-career voices. TIMEP’s nonresident fellows actively shape the policy discourse and paving the way for a nuanced understanding of the MENA region.

TIMEP’s 2021-2022 Nonresident Fellowship cohort consists of eight fellows, based in countries around the world, who bring expertise on a variety of thematic areas on countries across the region:

  • Habiba Abdelaal on sexual and gender-based violence (Egypt)
  • Basma Alloush on humanitarian trends and emerging issues (MENA)
  • Muzan Alneel on people-centric approach to economy, industry, and environment (Sudan)
  • Veronica Bellintani on victim and survivor-centric justice (Syria)
  • Chaima Bouhlel on decentralization (North Africa)
  • Noura Ghazi on enforced disappearances and detention (MENA)
  • Ghinwa Hayek on COVID-19, public health, and access to data and information (MENA)
  • Karim Merhej on corruption, socioeconomic inequality, and governance (Lebanon and Jordan)

TIMEP’s 2022-2023 open call for applicants will be posted on our Opportunities page in February 2022.

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