January 1, 1970
Phase III: Voting and Reactions
May 15, 2018

The final brief in the Pulling Back the Curtain series highlights developments and dynamics during and after the voting period, focusing on domestic and international reactions to President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi’s reelection.

January 1, 1970
Phase II: Campaign Period
April 20, 2018

Rather than present a vision for Egypt’s next four years, Sisi eschewed any real policy platform…

Egypt’s 2018 presidential election period offers little illusion of any outcome than the president’s reelection. Yet…

January 1, 1970
Phase I: Candidacy and Registration
February 1, 2018

These repressive measures notwithstanding, the period also included genuine resistance, both to President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi…