COVID-19 Page

The spread of COVID-19 brings to light a number of global, regional, and country-specific challenges affecting the Middle East and North Africa, not only in the health space, but on issues involving the economy, rule of law, security, access to information, and beyond. Central to TIMEP’s mission has been its commitment to fostering transparent, accountable, and just societies; these qualities make societies best-positioned to address the most difficult of challengesand a global pandemic is no exception.

In centering localized perspectives, expertise, and voices, TIMEP’s comprehensive response includes (1) producing nuanced and solutions-oriented analysis that unpacks the context in which COVID-19 spreads, assesses the response of governments and other actors, and looks to expected impact; (2) virtually convening like-minded organizations and partners through meetings and initiatives intended to influence policy at the country, regional, and global levels; and (3) engaging with the legal, rights, and expert communities to establish norms that uphold the ability of states to effectively respond to pandemics, while respecting the fundamental rights of their citizens.