TIMEP Briefs

06/20/2019 . By TIMEP

The Bankruptcy Law relaxes restrictions on businesses and individuals facing bankruptcy, thus alleviating an important hurdle to enterprise creation.

06/17/2019 . By TIMEP

Continued application of death penalty sentences and executions in cases involving significant procedural violations raise significant concerns around the rights of citizens, the state of the judiciary and its ability to dole out justice, and the stability and security of the country.

06/10/2019 . By TIMEP

In their current form, legal mechanisms for accountability in arms transfers (namely the AECA, FAA and Leahy Law) are weakened by policies that regularly place human rights, application of the law, and long-term stability aside in favor of short-term national security objectives

06/05/2019 . By TIMEP

This monthly compilation of TIMEP briefs offers succinct, policy-relevant information on regional issues, laws, and policies, highlighting the context in which developments occur, their trajectories, and implications.

05/30/2019 . By TIMEP

In light of the government’s economic reform program, the Industrial Licensing Law furthers efforts to liberalize the economy. The law reduces the amount of time required for businesses to become recognized entities by the government.

05/24/2019 . By TIMEP

The severe erosion of press freedom in Egypt has significant destabilizing implications, in the political, economic, security, and social realms. The government’s attempts to control public space ultimately do not allow for investigation into legitimate concerns

05/15/2019 . By TIMEP

The law creates a restrictive media regulatory scheme that grants authorities broad discretion to censor or block content that is found to meet a number of vaguely phrased prohibitions.

05/13/2019 . By TIMEP

Egypt’s 2019 constitutional amendments contribute to preexisting trends of an eroding rule of law, a shrinking public sphere, and a consolidation of executive and military authority. TIMEP coverage of the constitutional amendments, listed and summarized here, provides context and analysis on the text of the amendments, developments around the amendment process, and their implications.

05/13/2019 . By TIMEP

As fighting in Syria becomes localized to only a few areas and the Syrian regime works alongside its Russian ally to send a message that the war has come to an end, it is likely that countries and businesses may increasingly begin to normalize relations with the Syrian regime.

05/09/2019 . By TIMEP

The VAT Law is expected to streamline tax collection, broaden the tax base, and formalize the informal economy, bringing additional revenue to the government. The VAT Law replaced the previous sales tax scheme with one designed to make revenue collection easier and tax evasion more difficult.