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12/13/2018 . By TIMEP

The law creates a restrictive media regulatory scheme that grants authorities broad discretion to censor or block content that is found to meet a number of vaguely phrased prohibitions.

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Egypt severely restricts freedom of association, despite the protections of the right in the Egyptian Constitution.

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Since Egypt’s House of Representatives first convened in January 2016, it has passed numerous pieces of legislation, with significant implications for the political, economic, and social lives of Egyptians. Yet,

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Seven parliamentary entities are defined by the bylaws of the Egyptian House of Representatives: the Speaker, the Speaker’s Office, the General Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Specialized Committees, the Ad

12/10/2018 . By TIMEP

Syria’s Law No. 10 of 2018, which has significant implications for the property rights of Syrians, was ratified by President Bashar al-Assad on April 2, 2018, and amended on November 11, 2018.

12/06/2018 . By TIMEP

Legislative Decree No. 18 of 2018, which grants general amnesty to certain individuals accused of deserting or avoiding military service, was issued on October 9, 2018, by President Bashar al-Assad.

12/05/2018 . By TIMEP

The standoff in Idlib marks the latest theater of the regime’s offensive to retake Syria, and Assad himself has declared that establishing a demilitarized zone is but a temporary measure before he reasserts control.

11/28/2018 . By TIMEP

Sinai’s Bedouin tribespeople have been victims and, at times, perpetrators of terror attacks. Increasingly, they have taken more complex and active roles in Egypt’s “war on terror.”

11/21/2018 . By TIMEP

While sectarian violence in Egypt became of more pressing international concern after a series of deadly attacks by Egyptian militants, the issue is longstanding and pervasive.

11/15/2018 . By TIMEP

Tactics used in Egypt to stifle both independent and pro-regime media have included imprisonment of journalists, media blackouts, channel closures or blockages, and laws criminalizing “false news.”