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02/05/2019 . By TIMEP

These constitutional amendments would extend presidential terms to six years and allow presidents to be reelected once. These initiatives raise significant concerns about constitutionally protected democratic principles, rights, and freedoms, and risk further enshrining a system of authoritarian rule.

02/05/2019 . By TIMEP

TIMEP’s infographic “Amending Egypt’s Constitution” helps users better understand the process for amending the constitution as laid out by Articles 133 to 143 of the House of Representatives’ bylaws and Article 226 of the constitution.

01/31/2019 . By TIMEP

The law creates a legal scheme that empowers the government, for the first time, to not only seize the assets of those deemed to be terrorists or terrorist organizations, but also to actually manage and use the assets by depositing them into the state budget.

01/28/2019 . By TIMEP

The law empowers the president to designate a group of high-ranking military officers with lifelong reserve status, granting them the benefits and rights afforded to a sitting minister, and any other rights decreed by the president or set forth by other pieces of legislation.

01/07/2019 . By TIMEP

By furthering an all-encompassing definition of terrorism, the Syrian regime equips itself with a legal tool that can be interpreted broadly as criminalizing not only horrific acts of terrorism but also peaceful human rights activity and dissent.

12/19/2018 . By TIMEP

Background: The Cybercrime Law went into effect after it was ratified by President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi and published in the Official Gazette edition dated August 14, 2018. Previously, the cabinet

12/17/2018 . By TIMEP

The right to housing in Egypt has been marred by issues of access to adequate housing, as well as forced eviction, at the hands of both the government and other citizens.

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Egypt severely restricts freedom of association, despite the protections of the right in the Egyptian Constitution.

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Since Egypt’s House of Representatives first convened in January 2016, it has passed numerous pieces of legislation, with significant implications for the political, economic, and social lives of Egyptians. Yet,

12/12/2018 . By TIMEP

Seven parliamentary entities are defined by the bylaws of the Egyptian House of Representatives: the Speaker, the Speaker’s Office, the General Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Specialized Committees, the Ad